This House Believes That Entrance Exams

6 June 2017

This House Believes that Entrance Exams Should be Removed Almost everyone desires to attain a college education, specifically in the top universities in the country, after high school. However, the college entrance exams or the “CETs” become a hindrance and a hassle to these aspiring college students. It is a social issue because each year, the number of high school graduates increases therefore decreasing a student’s chance to get into the college of their choice.

Personally, I agree that they should be removed because one exam cannot and should not define a student’s ability and it should not determine whether or not one is deserving to attend a school. Most college entrance exams are scheduled in the middle of the school year which means that students who desire to take said exams will have to take time out of their already busy schedules to study, prepare, and actually take the exam.

This House Believes That Entrance Exams Essay Example

Therefore, a ro of removing the CETS is that the applicants will no longer feel the added stress since they won’t have to go through review courses, the stress caused by uncertainty of results, and the actual taking of the exam. Another benefit of removing the entrance exam is that high school graduates will have a greater chance of attending the college of their choice and they will no longer experience the feeling of uncertainty of their acceptance while waiting for the results of the exam.

Another pro f this issue is that aspiring college students will no longer be burdened with paying the extra fees that come with the entrance exams and review materials or classes. On the other hand, this issue also has its cons. One being that colleges or universities will no longer be able to control the population and the quality of students who will attend the school. Another is the loss of prestigiousness and exclusivity of the top schools since anyone and everyone will be able to enroll.

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