This I Believe: An Intermission from This Fast–Paced Life

The majority of my childhood was spent in an old, tired town in the Philippines. It was not a wealthy town; yet, it was not a poor town. Consequently, we would often have these power outages that would last overnight, and, I have to say, those were some of the most memorable scenes of my childhood. Further, the wick of the candle blinking near my face elicits this feeling as if time stood still, and my worries about the future kind of go away even if it was just for that moment shrouded in darkness. And so I believe that by taking a short break from the bustle of life, it yields a more composed and prepared deportment for whatever the future holds. Therefore, I believe that by taking my time, I am more likely to achieve greater feats.

At this point in my life, however, time has been described to be somewhat of a currency (time is money) or to be somewhat of an essence (time is of the essence). Therefore, everyone is rushing towards the gates of these prestige colleges, and here I remain undecided—and a tiny bit regretful of ever growing up. Moreover, family and relatives would frequently meet me and pester me about what college I want to attend and what career I want to go for; but can I just graduate from high school first?

At this point in my life, planning ahead and taking immediate action has been stressed as top priority. I am told to aim for a career that is stable in order to sufficiently provide for a family. Hence, I am told about careers that earn a lot of salary, and I am diverted away from the careers that I am actually interested in. However, I am not in a situation where I have to provide for anyone, except for myself, yet; so can I just graduate from high school first?

At this point in my life, I have been taught how to safely and efficiently handle money for the future because of insurance and student loans and retirement—and all those other fun things. On the other hand, I have a whole fifty years ahead of me before I even retire, but who can tell how fast those years can pass by or how they can be cut short; but, again, can I just graduate from high school first?

For now, let us just all admit that we are going to be all adults at some point or sooner, but I do not see the rush in becoming an adult. To be frank, most adults do not live a particularly lavish life, and becoming an adult means more (a lot more) responsibilities to maintain. So live life how it is right now, and worry about it when it comes.

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