“This I Believe” Narrative Essay

1 January 2017

“This I Believe” Narrative Essay “God will not look you over for medals, degrees or diplomas but for scars” . We all will be judged for our deeds. God will be the only one who will judge us. He will judge us for our status, degrees, medals or diplomas. I believe in only one God because He has created everything. Every single thing in this is created by only one God.

All this things will be judged by the God. Some people are against my belief. They think that there is more than one God. They think that every single thing is created by different Gods. But some are atheist. They think that everything is created is by itself.They believe that God does not exist.

“This I Believe” Narrative Essay Essay Example

I started to believe in one Lord from the moment when I came to this world. My family has been Muslim ever they were born. They follow all the rules and regulations of Islam. They also believe in only one God. From them, I came to know everything that is related to my religion and Lord. Now, I follow them strictly. I think that my belief is true because of the things around me.

It proves that we are created by only one God. If there were more than one god, the chaotic situation will be created in this world. The miracles of my God are also true.There is an example of the miracle of my God. My God has destroyed the people who did and thought wrong for the others. These miracles prove that there is only one God. Everything in this world will be judged for their deeds or activities, not for their medals, degrees, diplomas or status.

God ordered every creature in this world to respect each other. If we do not respect them, they will not respect us back. He said to believe in one God. If we do not believe in one God, problems will be created among us. As a responsible human being, we do not want any problem in the world. So, we all together will try to believe in one God.

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