This Is Me, Take It Or Leave It

10 October 2018

Hey, my name is D.J., but I also respond to the nickname my friends gave me which is “Deej”. I am 18 years old, and for the last five years of my life, I have resided in the very catty one horse town of Fair Haven, New Jersey. In Fair Haven, the most common topic of discussion is who is down on their luck or who cheated on who. In truth, I do not live an exhilarating life, in fact my life is nothing special but, that depends on your perspective. I mean in my lifetime I have not visited exotic places, met famous people or won an award for being exceptional. In reality I am an ordinary high school senior, I am currently employed as a cashier at the local Foodtown and as you must know what a ball that is. The mundane task of greeting the customer, asking them if they have there Foodtown card and then punching numbers into the ancient device they call a register.

In many essays, you will read of the football player who scored the winning touchdown or the girl who suddenly became obsessed with with giving back to her community right around the time applying for colleges became a priority. That is all good and dandy but, in truth that is not me. I consider myself a very blunt person, I will not beat around the bush or write an essay which does not reflect me as a person. You will read how these applicants felt so good about themselves, when they sacrificed their spare time to volunteer building low cost homes. I on the other hand, will tell you that I felt good about myself when I go to Dunkin’ Donuts and buying myself a cup off coffee. My favorite thing in life is going to Dunkin’ Donuts and the first thing I look for when I visit a college is where the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts is located.

This Is Me, Take It Or Leave It Essay Example

I am not perfect person or will even attempt portray myself as one. Though I consider myself an extremely good hearted, hard working, and driven individual. On the flip side I am stubborn, thick headed, and pessimistic teenager. For example as a kid in restaurants I dined at, I would seek great enjoyment from screaming fire and stirring up the people dining there into a chaotic frenzy. Some people may find that odd. However, I love my sick sense of humor which till this day I possess and consider it one of my greatest qualities. What I enjoy to do is also not the norm of course I enjoying hanging out with my friends but, I also relish in watching the history channel, drooling over cars I can never afford, and I religiously watching horror movies, its an addiction. Moreover, I will watch Fox News channel and get so drawn in, you would swear I was not watching old newscasters talking about politics. In conclusion, I am no athlete or scholar but hey, I am one of a kind.

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