This Thing Called Life by August Alsina

August Alsina Show His Life Through Music
August Anthony Alsina Jr, known as August Alsina, has became an influential artist for young teenagers and adults in our society. Born and raised in Louisiana, August sought out fame on Youtube, where he sang other famous people’s music. He came from a background that was hard from losing a father to the murder of his brother.Later on, became a member ofDef Jam records.
On August 2013, He records his first album with the record label. His first debut album Downtown reaches sixty-eight in the Billboard 200, but in the Top R&b collection it reaches forty-four.In this album includes wonderful hits like “Survival of the Fittest” and “Downtown” which talks about life situations in the world.
Testimony, another amazing album that flows with his first album. The pain and situations has put August verge of giving up on life, but his family and fans gives him a reason to stay. The two songs that caught my attention were “Make It Home” and “ Right There”.He says, “I don’t always do what I should, but I do what I gotta do /When you’ve been at the bottom, you see the hunger inside of you”.He had to do certain things in the past to survive and provide for his family.He also says, “I know how it be when you trying your best/ But you turn around and you got nothing to show for it”.
Fans and others like me adores his original and passionate lyrics. August debuts another album This Thing Called Life after his hit single “Hip Hop”. The beats in music changes from laid back to sad melody. Many were worried and sad because they could’ve relate to him and how he tells his life story through music such as “Song Cry” and “This Thing Called Life”.
August says in his “Song Cry”, “In my heart I’m thinking you were gone too soon/ May you rest in peace, yet I can’t sleep.” Everybody has lost someone dearly close, but yet we fathom that they are gone. He also says, “I need to try to free my mind”. He has burden on shoulder and does not know how to relieve the causes of stress.
Regardless, August Alsina communicates through his fans with his music. His fans sticks by his side through his past traumatic life. I’m and will forever be an August Alsina fan.

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