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1 January 2018

Carper Dime’s strong formal diction is appropriate as the author directs a Essen not only to the reader but also to the friend that which he is speaking to.

Therefore, a strict tone along with an imperative and informative attitude is expressed by the author. “Be wise! Drink free, and in so short a space / Do not protracted hopes of life embrace” (Horace). Instructional orders are given to the friend by the author for they are necessities of a proper-lived life. In addition, the language used corresponds with the author’s standpoint. Horace also uses other devices such as personification to make a point while supporting the tone.Whilst we are talking, envious time doth slid?’ (Horace). Horace expresses the advancement of time as sliding and as envious therefore personifying it and giving it human-like characteristics.

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In addition, Horace continues to instruct his outlook on life to his friend maintaining the tone of the poem. To Virgins, to Make Much of Time’s diction uses a less formal diction than Carper Diem; however, it shares a similar tone and attitude. As the title suggests, the author is directing his philosophy to virgins. Heroic uses symbolism with the term virgin as it represents those who haven’t properly oilfield their life. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may…

And this same flow that smiles today, / To-morrow will be dying. ” (Heroic). The rosebuds represent the opportunities of life and how “virgins” waste their time in life. In addition, the flowers cycle of life and death represents the short timeshare of life. Heroic refers to time similarly to the way Horace does in Carper Diem, by personifying it with human-like qualities. “Old Time is still a-flying’ (Heroic). The a.

B. A. B rhyme scheme contributes to the euphonium flow of what appears to be a trochaic tetrameter.Carper Diem and To Virgins, to Make Much of Time demonstrate similar ideas of living life well; in addition, both authors used strategic poetic devices that best support their views. A parallel of thoughts and reasoning occur amongst the two poems as they are only separated by centuries in which they were written. Symbolism, tone and other poetic devices created a network that worked to express the theme and produced a nice flow to each poem. Works Cited Heroic, Robert.

“to Virgins, to Make Much of Time. “Print Horace, . “Carper Diem. “Print.

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