Thomas Paine: The History of an American Visionary

4 April 2015
The paper discusses the life and times of revolutionary writer, Thomas Paine.

This paper describes the life of Thomas Paine, renowned early American figure. The author looks at his most famous writing, “Common Sense”- the pamphlet that inspired many to seek independence from the British monarchy, and join the American Revolution.
“Thomas Paine was admired by many, and seen as one of the causes of the colonies formal declaration for independence. He had support from other national leaders, including Ben Franklin, George Washington, and others. His Common Sense pamphlet was read and argued throughout the colonies. Its contents would always be brought up in taverns, reading clubs, parlors, and street corners. He was uncaring about other people’s views of him, and wrote what he thought. At the time He was one of the few men to do so. He wrote in a voice that was understandable to the common people, and placed before them the facts. His works are still being read and studied today, because of the importance of his outspoken views about government and life.”
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