Thoreau Essay Research Paper Jerry PetercuskieEnglish 20103Dr

Thoreau Essay, Research Paper

Jerry Petercuskie

English 201-03

Dr. E. Brinkley

November 27, 1996


Thoreau was a simple adult male that believed in holding merely the basic necessities in life. Thoreau lived a life of simpleness at Walden Pond. In Walden, Thoreau gives a background of his life and some life experiences that he has encountered. Thoreau besides explains that the four necessities in life are nutrient, shelter, vesture, and fuel. Thoreau was a prophesier of the twentieth-century sing the issue of philistinism.

In Thoreau? s yearss there were people who lived in luxury and people that lived with merely the necessities of life as he did. Work force of those yearss worked difficult for everything they had and did non happen it necessary to indulge in such luxuries as work forces do today. ? When a adult male is warmed by the several manners which I have described, what does he desire following? ? ( Thoreau 1496 ) . In today? s society, most everyone has the necessities of life, but chooses to indulge in the luxuries of life. In America today, most all households have more than one auto, ain multiple Numberss of telecastings, and have far more clothing than necessary. We have become a society whose focal point points to philistinism.

Harmonizing to Thoreau, the necessities of life are nutrient, shelter, vesture, and fuel. ( 1495 ) ? When he has obtained those

things which are necessary to life, there is another option than to obtain the overpluss? ( Thoreau 1496 ) . Thoreau is stating that it is a pick to obtain more than the necessities of life. We choose to purchase extra apparels and extra engineering. What happened to being content with what God has given us? ? But if my jacket and pants, my chapeau and places, are fit to idolize God in, they will make ; will they non? ? ( Thoreau 1501 ) . In the Bible it says, ? Yet a clip is coming and has now come when the true worshippers will idolize the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the sort of worshippers the Father seeks. ? ( John 4:25 ) . Possibly Thoreau was touching to Christ? s instructions in this transition of Bible. Jesus does non care what possessions we have, merely that we worship Him in spirit and truth.

In decision, today? s society has placed its focal point on the luxuries they can obtain. The basic sum of nutrient, shelter, vesture, and fuel has shown an addition in demand from today? s society. Populating the life of luxury is a end among many persons in our society. Society no longer lives a simplified life as Thoreau did. Thoreau taught that adult male can populate with the four basic necessities of life, but frequently chooses non to make so. After reexamining Walden, Thoreau has shown himself as being a prophesier of twentieth-century jobs. The universe has progressively become worse in respects to a mercenary mentality.

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