Those who inspired me

6 June 2017

Many people have numerous of people that may have influenced them once in their life. I only have three that really helped understand a lot in life. My mother, my cousin Tina and my cousin Tiffany are a big inspiration n my life. Without them I probably wouldnt be as successful as I am today. The first person that Influenced me the most is my mother. This lady has been there for me since day one. Without her wouldnt be here. She Is a very hardworking woman.

Working two Jobs and managing two kids with not much support Is a big hand clap. My mother had me when It was her freshman year In college. Not once did she let that stop he from succeeding In life. I remember there were days when she would take me to school with her. Even though she had me while she was still In school, my mother graduated from college with her bachelor’s degree. She called me her little motivation and I was the reason why she worked so hard.

The second person that Influenced me Is my cousin Tina. Whenever I need anybody to talk to she was always there to listen. She Is another hard working woman. Like most teens I would rather talk about certain things with the closet adult figure to me besides my mother. My cousin was and has lways been a very straight forward person. She will never tell you something just because you want to hear it. She rather be completely honest with you than to have you believing lies.

As she always told me “l been there done that, so I know what life was like as a teen”. She has really helped me open my eyes and see a lot of things. The third person that inspires me is my other cousin Tiffany. She is one of those laid back, fun type of cousins but can also get very serious with you when it comes to your future. She has been in the naw for over 10+ years now and she has really inspired nd encouraged me to Join the naw as well.

There have been times when I wanted to give up on everything because I felt like I couldn’t do it but thank god for her cause she snapped me right back into reality quick. Well these are my main three ladies that have brought so much faith, love, encouragement, wisdom, inspiration, and so much more into my life. I am thankful for them each and every day that I wake up. As I get older I strive to be Just like them but maybe 10 times better. You can never go wrong with challenging yourself to becoming something so much better than what you are already aiming for.

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