Thoughts On Feminists Essay Research Paper Thoughts

9 September 2017

Ideas On Feminists Essay, Research Paper

Ideas on Feminists.

I was non yet ten when I was foremost made aware of the feminist motion and my female parent didn? Ts have much usage for that type of thing. You see, feminism in the 1880ss was a female version of the neo-nazi skinhead outlook. With work forces being the enemy alternatively of other races. In this motion, even to digest work forces was blasphemy, and to be attractive was considered failing. This motion is no longer the norm, but it isn? t gone either.

While earlier women’s rightists were: male bashing, sapphic, nihilists, modern women’s rightists are female parents, married womans, coworkers and everyone else who believes that adult females should hold the same chances as work forces. Not merely can you be married to a adult male and still be a women’s rightist, you can be a adult male and be a women’s rightist.

I may be incorrect, but I don? t see much for a modern women’s rightist to contend for. Womans can vote ; they can keep any office that a adult male can, with the exclusion of some military places, they get paid the same sum as work forces for the same work, and they have affirmatory action to boot. Were is the unfairness in a adult male and a adult female both using for the same occupation, both being every bit qualified, and unless the adult male is cheery or portion of some other loud mouthed minority, the adult female will acquire the occupation because the company can non afford to make otherwise? Is it fair that a adult female that has a 3.0 GPA gets

into med.-school and a adult male with a 3.4 doesn? T?

If you can? t Tell, I? m non seeking to be politically right and I? m non a fan of affirmatory action. I didn? T truly have an sentiment on affirmatory action until my sister expressed how she felt, she doesn? T want classs that she doesn? t deserve, she doesn? T want to be considered a 2nd category pupil because of her sex. In the field of natural philosophies, it isn? T normal to see adult females stand out, but she does and she deserves because she does the work, non because she is a adult female.

I think that women’s rightists need to rethink what is best for society. They have been looking for equality for so long that they past it bargain and have adopted a new signifier of inequality. A adult female is now disadvantaged because she doesn? Ts have to make her best. It is adequate that she is a adult female. ? State me truthfully, would you instead travel and see a male physician that graduated at the underside of his category, or a female physician that shouldn? Ts have graduated but did because of the fact that there are non as many female physicians as male? ?

I think that the really early women’s rightist motion was great ; adult females deserve to vote, and they are merely as capable of being attorneies, physicians and of keeping office as are work forces. It is good to stand up for your rights, but don? T stand up for them on the dorsums of others.

In short, feminism has done a batch of good, but it can and has besides done injury.

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