Three African Novels

4 April 2015
An examination of three books by contemporary African writers.

This paper introduces and discusses the books, “So Long a Letter” by Mariama Ba, “Devil on the Cross” by Ngg wa Thiongo and “July’s People by Nadine Gordimer. Specifically, the author discusses and explains gender and family in So Long a Letter, the aspects of Colonialism and Imperialism in Devil on the Cross, and cultural freedom and integrity in July’s People.”
“In “So Long a Letter,” Mariama Ba writes of Ramatoulaye, a Senegalese schoolteacher in her 50s, whose husband decides to take a second wife without Ramatoulaye’s knowledge. Of course, the new wife is younger and prettier than Ramatoulaye, and her husband’s selfish move devastates her. The book is written in the form of a touching and emotional letter to her best friend from childhood, someone she feels she can trust. “We walked the same paths from adolescence to maturity, where the past begets the present” (Ba 1).

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