Three Days Grace- One x

7 July 2019

Three Days Grace has come a long way from where they started. A high school band of 5 called Groundswell started out as just a teen band. As they grew up the 5 member band became a trio now called Three Days Grace. All of their tracks on their CD have a strong connection and meaning to them. Their first hit single β€œI Hate Everything About You β€œis a good example of how they can relate their songs to a hard relationship. The unbelievable thing is that every single song has a connection to the hard parts of life, Three Days Grace relates to real life problems that they have actually experienced in their childhoods unlike some artist who prefer to focus on the bright things of life. Three Days Grace is one unique band.

They open up their Album with a good relating song β€œIt’s All Over β€œthe song relates to an alcoholic how everything is over for them and how the person dealing with this family member is constantly thinking about the issues they are seeing and how they feel about it. They end the album with the song β€œOne- X” this song being about if you ever thought you could be so depressed with life if this is the end or just the beginning. This shows how Three Days Grace connects with many people’s feelings, seeing as they have felt like this before according to Adam Gontier the vocal and guitarist for three days grace says the songs reflect how he felt at some point in his life. Their songs might be somewhat depressing or news flash on how you have been feeling or have felt before but the bass and drum solos by Brad Walst and Neil Sanderson really puts a good rhythm to the songs which gets you to sing along , cry and just enjoy the music.

It’s really amazing how far these three men have come; they have had a hit single in almost every one of their albums. Adam Gontier has also stared in the song β€œI Don’t Care” by Apocalyptica which was also a hit single shows how great Adam is. They have gone to many places in order to get to where they are. Including relocating in Wood Stock NY, where they wrote Adam’s favorite album.

Three Days Grace relates to both teens and adults you can really relate to their songs when you’re sad which is what many people like to take their feelings out on. This alternative metal/ rock band is quite similar yet different from other bands , they’re really soft and unique I would really recommend it I really hope they keep releasing more hit albums , I give them a 5 star .

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