Three Days Grace

7 July 2019

Three days grace is a popular punk band. It has many popular songs. Songs such as “Riot”, “Animal I have become”, and “One-x” Which feature in the album One-x. The members of this band are Adam Gontier on guitar and lead vocals, Neil Sanderson on drums and backup vocals, Brad Waist on bassist and back up vocals, and Barry Stock on lead guitar.

The instrumentations of this band is bass guitar,
Lead guitar, and drum set. The vocals of this band are Adam Gontier as the lead singer, Neil Sanderson as a back up singer, and Brad Waist as another back up singer. I think that the instrumentation of this band is very good. Their style, music, and vocals of this particular band make it unique.

My overall opinion of this band is that they are very good. Some of my favorite songs are “Riot”, “Animal I have become”, “Over and over”, and “One-x”.

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I recommend this band to anyone who likes to relate to the music that they listen to. Also people who likes a good tune to listen to.

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