Three Goals Essay Research Paper Life is

Three Goals Essay, Research Paper

Life is a uninterrupted journey. So far, my journey has been a pursuit to carry through felicity, a hunt for cognition and a yearning for wealth. Throughout the old ages, I have been in chase of these ends. What I have achieved is simply the tip of the iceberg compared to my dreams, but the passions that drive me will non discontinue until they have been satisfied.

Happiness is the kernel of all my ends. Without felicity, there is no significance to life! It is like being entirely in the rain. A cloud of sadness bents over you like a expletive that will non travel off. Happiness is being with your friends. It is the feeling when person gives you a assisting manus when you fall, or a rap in the dorsum when you win. It is besides the feeling of love: the heat that you feel when you hold the one you love in your weaponries. Happiness is non something that can be achieved easy ; it requires love and honor, commiseration and pride and compassion and forfeit.

Knowledge is besides something that is non achieved easy. The hunt for cognition has ever driven me bec

ause human sort knows merely so small about the things that surrounds them. I wish to unveil secrets, do the unachievable, and see the universe no 1 else sees. These dreams are non easy accomplishable, but with each measure I take, they become one measure closer, and life becomes more fulfilling.

Wealth on the other manus, is non something that fulfills your mental aspirations. It is more of a physical object. It is the footing of all minutess that take topographic point in this modern universe. There are many things that money can non purchase, but for everything else, it is an indispensable thing that can do life a batch easier. It automatically gives you power and regard. It can better your life style. You do non necessitate to worry about money, or anything that requires money. You have more clip to follow your dreams, and to be with your loved 1s. This is what wealth can convey you.

These are my dreams. They will all play a different function in my life, and non all of them I can accomplish. But the sum of attempt I put Forth to accomplish them will be equal to the sum I shall have. There will be no sorrow.

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