Three Little Words

4 April 2015
A persuasive essay on the importance of saying “I love you” to our loved ones.

A persuasive speech essay on why it is important to tell your loved one you love them every time before they go to bed or before you leave them, because you never know if it will be the last time you see them alive. The paper uses the tragic events of September 11th to reiterate the importance of this act.
“September 11th changed all of us. Although we’ve endured numerous tragedies during the last few years, such as school shootings and the Oklahoma bombing, watching the events of last September unfold before our eyes on television hit our hearts like never before. We listened to family members of victims as they told their stories of loss. And again and again we heard how their loved ones trapped in the World Trade Towers or on the fatal flights that crashed in Pennsylvania and into the Pentagon had called them on office phones or cell phones to say I love you one last time. And again and again we heard about the comfort it brought to them.”

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