Three Musketeers Essay Research Paper THE THREE

8 August 2017

Three Musketeers Essay, Research Paper

Three Musketeers Essay Research Paper THE THREE Essay Example


The Three Musketeers is a fantastic narrative assorted with love affair and action. It is about one immature adult male & # 8217 ; s journey from boyhood to manhood. On this pursuit he ironically befriends three of the former musketeers. D & # 8217 ; Artagnan, starts his ocean trip in the states of France trusting to do his manner to Paris.

D & # 8217 ; artagnan leaves his place to go to France and do a luck. His male parent gives him three separating gifts one of them being a missive to Monsieur De Treville. At his first halt, in the town of Meung, the hot-headed vitamin D & # 8217 ; Artagnan gets into a battle with a distinguished-looking gentlemen who ridicules him because of his saddle horse. D & # 8217 ; Artagnan is beaten unconscious by a group of the gentleman & # 8217 ; s flunkies. When he comes to, he sees the gentleman speaking to a beautiful, just adult female in a passenger car whom he calls & # 8220 ; Milady & # 8221 ; merely as the two of them are siting off. He prepares himself to go forth the town, but finds that the gentleman has stolen his missive of introductio

N to M. de Treville. Upset by the loss of his missive he continues his jaunt to M. De Treville’s place.

When he reaches the house he is asked to travel see M. De Treville, but before the two can talk Aramis and Porthos are called into the room. Athos enters tardily but shortly prostrations of his sever lesions. After Athos had been tended to D & # 8217 ; artagnan is questioned by M. De Treville who at first suspects him of being a undercover agent sent by the Cardinal. D & # 8217 ; artagnan sees the adult male from Meung and darts after him to dispute the adult male.

Soon after D & # 8217 ; Artagnan chases after the adult male he crashes into Athos who had merely been released from the physicians attention. The two work forces allow choler acquire the better of them and put a affaire d’honneur for midday of that twenty-four hours. D & # 8217 ; Artagnan can non happen his mark anyplace but does see Aramis and approaches him. Aramis is in a conversation with some other work forces at the clip and D & # 8217 ; Artagnan

accidently exposes Aramis & # 8217 ; s adulteress relationship with a marrie adult female. Aramis so challenges D & # 8217 ; Artagnan to a affaire d’honneur at 1:00 that twenty-four hours.

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