Three Qualities an Authority Figure Should Posses

Mohammed Al Shahoumi American University of the Middle East Mohammed S. Al- Shahoumi ENL 110 – UM1 12797 17 March 2013 Learning a Foreign Language One of my biggest goals in life is to learn a foreign Language. In fact it is my dream to experience life through talking to other people in a language that is different to mine. But learning a foreign language takes time and dedication. Throughout my research I found out that’s the best age is to learn a foreign language is from three to nine years old.

There are many challenges to learn a foreign language. The question is why learn a foreign language. Many languages differ in pronunciation which makes some languages easier than others. For many people learning a foreign language is a challenge because they maybe use it in work, travel, family/friends, study, required course, food or as a secret language. There are three methods of learning a foreign language; reading, writing, listening.

In some jobs it involves you talking to speaker of a foreign language, being able to talk to them in their own languages will help you to communicate with them easily and gain there respect fast. Speaking a foreign language can also help you to make more sale and to negotiate more efficiently and to gain a contractor. Knowledge of foreign languages may also increase your chances of finding a new job when you are trying to find a job abroad, or for a business meeting abroad.

If you have some friends or relatives that can speak a language that not many people can speak or understand, you can talk freely in public and have no fear of anyone next to you of understanding what you are saying. Also you can write on a paper where no one will understand what are you saying. This foreign language can be used as a secret language. Traveling to a foreign country sometimes you need to have a basic knowledge of their language because if you want to know directions to a specific place or to get to know some local people. Learning there anguage will help you to order food and drink, find your way around, get tickets. The more knowledge you have of their foreign language, you can get into real conservations with local people. This will add more fun to your holiday. Learning a foreign language is for fun. Perhaps to you it seems boring (a lot of people I know couldn’t stand doing French in high school). However, it gives people a little challenge. Something to do. When you learn how to communicate fluently in a foreign language, it is quite a rewarding experience to use this language to the people who speak it and actually be understood.

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