Three Qualities You Value in True Friend

1 January 2017

There are many ways to value quality of true friend. Personally, I highly value three qualities of my true friend. True friend is a kind of person who difficultly to find in your whole life. He or she is a person who cries or has fun with you. The three qualities that I would like to a true friend has such as trust worthy, dependable, and unselfish. The first important quality of a true friend is trust worthy. In friendship, true friend should able to keep secrets or promises. When you have problems, you go to talk with him or her and he or she will not do around talking a bout you.

Second true friend should be honest in friendship. Without honesty the friendship will be fall a part. To be honest, true friend should tell the truth that is the third point. Your friend has better not lie each other so, it will not have suspicion in friendship. To sum up, trust worthy is a important quality that can not be lacked in friendship. The second important quality is dependability. I look for in a friend who can help each other. Friend should be helpful with each other when you have problems. Plus, friend needs to give thoughtful advice to friend who is in trouble and he or she help you to corrects your mistakes.

Additionally, forgiving is the necessary in friendship. A dependable friend should forgive or do not mind with small problems. To summarize, dependability is consequentially required in your friendship. Unselfishness is the last important that I determine in a true friend. Your friend should be a kind person. Sharing is the best example for kindness such as sharing food or sit. Moreover, supportability is a good thing that true friend always do to his or her friend. When your have problems, true friend will stay by your side and encourage you.

The last point is envy. If he or she is a really your friend, he or she will not be jealous with you, but he or she should be happy for you. In summary, unselfishness is a good thing that a true friend should has in his or her mind. All in all, the qualities I highly value in a true friend are trust worthy, dependable, and unselfish. If you have a really true friend, your life might not loneliness or boredom. I believe these qualities are really necessary for friendship. They are also a great foundation of being a true friend.

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