Three Types of Popular Criminals

2 February 2017

Although there are various types of violent criminals in this society, there are three that most people would consider most popular. The three types are thieves, rapists, and murderers. Each of the three can be characterized into categories to distinguish each.

First of all, thieves are considered one of the most popular criminals. Thieves make their living by taking or stealing from others. They can be from the upper, middle, or lower class. They can also be of any race or gender. There are many types of thieves. For example, the con artist is a thief that scam or trick someone out of their money or belonging.Then, there is the car thief or carjacker that focus on stealing cars, trucks, sports utility vehicle, or any motor vehicle.

Three Types of Popular Criminals Essay Example

He mostly aims for a specific type vehicle. Another type of thief is the burglar. The burglar breaks into houses, stores, schools, or wherever he decides to take from. Last but not least, the robber. The robber takes something of value by force or threat. He sometimes uses a weapon to scare or intimidate his victims for example a bank robber. Secondly, rapists are considered another one of the most popular criminals.

A rapist forces sex upon another person. Most of them do it out of anger, pleasure, or just for the power. In most cases, the victim is a date, a family member, a neighbor, or a total stranger. There are two main types of rapist. The first type is the juvenile sex offender. His focus is on the children. Then, the second type is the women sex offender.

He is more focus on the women. All rapists have different motives as to why they choose the victims that they choose. Third, murderers are considered one of the most popular criminals.A murderer takes another person’s life. There are three major type murderers. The serial murderer is the first type. The serial murderer has murdered several people, but over a certain period of time.

This killing spree can go on for months or even years. Most of the time his victims will have something in common, for example, there appearance, race, gender, or religion will be the same. Then, the second type is the mass murderer. The mass murderer murders a large amount of people at one time. This killing spree last about an hour or two.An example of a mass murderer is a person that goes to a store, workplace, school, or any location and decides to shot and kill several people in that location. Most of the time, it is due to hatred.

The third type of murderer is the spree killer. The spree killer murders several people at different locations in the same day. In conclusion, although there are many different criminals, thieves, rapist, and murderers are the top three. They are all broken down into groups, but in the big picture, they are all criminals and can be very violent. They all will harm their victims.

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