Through her I am strong

11 November 2018

You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. I got lucky to be blessed with the family I did. They are a huge part of my life. My personality is very laid back; I don’t like to deal with drama. Out of my peers I laugh more than usual, I am almost always in a good mood. I love to be around people whether it be my friends, family, or even meeting new people. Although I like the company of people, I am extremely independent and used to doing a lot on my own. Whenever I do need help with something I can go to my mom or my dad, but my favorite person to go to is my grandma. She is my inspiration in so many ways. I think I am easily distinguished from other people because of the impact of living with my grandma as a child and learning from our experiences together.

After my parents’ divorce I moved back and forth between an apartment with my mom and my grandma’s house with my dad. My grandma always kept me busy so I didn’t have to worry about my parents issues. She would take me out to all different places to make sure I got a good experience and learned a lot as a kid. She told me she believes that you learn by doing, especially when you’re young. My dad, grandma and I would go to church together every Sunday. We took trips to the zoo, or walks to get ice cream, but something we did most often was go to the park. Just by being in her presence and watching her kindness by example made me develop good habits in life. She was always so aware of me being around to make sure she was setting a good example. I remember the excitement and energy that would build inside me when I was asked to go to the park. My grandma’s favorite thing to do at the park was swing on the swings. She must have rubbed off on me because to this day it’s something I love to do. One day I remember all the swings were full. I was a bratty 5 year old who didn’t understand why I couldn’t just get right on a swing. My grandma told me “they’re not your swings and you need to share them, patience is a virtue.”Today I have a lot of tolerance in situations and am teaching my own 5 year old sister the value of having patience. It’s nice to know I learned something and can share her knowledge.

Through her I am strong Essay Example

Sometimes rejection makes us appreciate when people are there for us. Since 4th grade up to my sophomore year I have played volleyball. My dad was always my biggest supporter. My dad started dating Diana, who is now my step mom, when I was in 5th grade. She has a son named Scott. He’s a pretty good baseball player and my dad is a pretty big baseball fan. Gradually their common interest in the same sport became their “thing.” I remember feeling neglected because I felt like my bond with my dad was ruined. I felt like he chose my step brother over me. Eventually me and my dad found new ways to bond after a pep talk from my grandma of course. I talked to her about the situation. She told me “boys don’t realize their hurting you sometimes; you were his first child and he will never replace you.” Coming from her I knew it was true. Ever since the day I talked to her she has attended every game she possibly could to support me. Whenever something is lacking in my life she is there to make up for it. I learned to deal with my feelings. Hurt feelings heal and to have someone to talk things out with also makes me feel better rather than keeping everything to myself all the time.

I think I am easily distinguished from other people because of the impact of living with my grandma as a child and learning from our experiences together. I have learned the significance of sharing. I was taught how to take pain and turn it into something new that isn’t all that bad. I learned that boys don’t realize when their hurting a female. I’m aware life takes good communication skills. Having someone to care for me has taught me to care for others. I think I am more understanding than a lot of people. I think living with someone other than my parents so young taught me to be independent. All kids go through that stage where they don’t understand patience and sharing, my grandma is the one who made me understand that. Once you realize that helping and sharing with people makes them happy, it also makes you happy. I am satisfied with who I am today and what I have learned throughout my childhood. I’m still a kid and I’m still learning. I’m living to make my grandma proud.

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