Thunder by Nuttin but Stringz

7 July 2019

I’m always gravitated to good music, I recently made a Pandora Radio account to expand my playlists and came across some amazing songs that I wouldn’t have known without serious digging through youtube. I came across Nuttin but Stringz a while back but didn’t really think much of it, but then I gave the song Thunder by them I was just in awe! The mix of the classical string quartette and the hip hop beats equally balanced themselves out and made something that you can just lay back and listen too. An example of what they sound like can be taken from ‘Remember the Name’ by Fort Minor. The classical feel with that modern beat. I definitely recommend people to check Nuttin But Strings out on youtube! Sorry my review is kinda choppy but I just had to get the thought out before it’s lost. Enjoy:)

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