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Tibet Essay, Research Paper

The Yanomamo people live in the Amazon rain forests of Northern Brazil and Southern Venezuela, life in about complete privacy. Napolean Chagonon was the first Anthropologist to make field work on the Yanomamo people in 1966. The first movies were made in 1968-71 ; Contact was filmed in 1983. The movie Contact is a narrative by the anthropologist with small duologue from the Yanomamo. The movie interprets the life and civilization of the Yanomamo through the anthropologist s position. In the movie, the Yanomamo are captured populating out their mundane lives without any divergence for the filmmaking. The work forces and adult females are seen in their traditional half bare garb undisturbed by the presence of the cinematography. The Shaman, is seen moving out his spiritual ritual with green snob running out his olfactory organ from the hallucinogenic ebene power that they use to assist pass on with the liquors. You can see the Yanomamo in their Shabono lounging in knolls. They have really small privateness and the work forces are seen with many married womans and kids. They are agriculturists and provender on plantains, cassava, bananas, Sweet murphies and Prunus persica thenar fruit. They are besides seen utilizing baccy. The work forces do the hunting and Hunt wild hogs, monkeys, armadillos, birds and gnawers. They besides fish, feed on insects, pediculosis pubiss and toads and they love wild honey. From the movie you can see that it is a really male oriented society. The work forces do all the difficult work and fight the warfare while the adult females bare the kids, do the horticulture, fetch H2O and respond to the demands of the hubby. The movie depicts a scene of retaliation where the work forces utilizing long wooden poles attacks another kin by hitting them in the caput with the poles. This scene is commonplace in the Yanomamo society ; the adult females standby shouting as this onslaught occurs while the kids standby and ticker. This is a great movie, because it captures the Yanomamo in their autochthonal life manner.

The Yanomamo people live in little sets of folks and live in a series of unit of ammunition connected huts called shabonos, which are really made up of single life quarters. Apparels are minimum, and much of their day-to-day life revolves around horticulture, hunting, assemblage, doing trades, sing with one another and practising cosmology.

A definite civilization daze takes topographic point between Napolean and the Yanomamo people, during Napoleans first contact. The debut of peanut butter as body waste by Napolean, for illustration, smartly scared the Yanomamo from eating it. They of class didn T know any different and held a echt disdain for body waste. Napolean was hence able to deter the Yanomamo from wholly busting all his supplies as the Yanomamo so liked to make. Napolean on the other side struggled with the high humidness, deficiency of bathing patterns and dietetic nutrient beginnings of the Yanomamo.

The Yanomamo work forces are seen to hold many married womans and kids and they are responsible for their wellness and good being. It is a really male oriented society and the work forces are warriors, priest-doctors, headsman and politicians. The priest-doctor, are the intermediate between the spirit universe and the household. The priest-doctor, snort a green hallucinogenic pulverization called ebene. The hallucinogenic is used to assist reach the sprits. The movie Contact captures a male disparately seeking to reach the hekura sprits to assist free his kid s unwellness. Green snob and intonation is vividly illustrated during this ritual. This pattern is really of import in the Yanomamo civilization and can travel on for hours. It demonstrates the power the male has over life, decease and the household construction.

In the scenes of warfare, the Yanomamo are seen batting their enemies caputs with wooden sticks as the adult females and kids standby shouting. Foraies on adjacent enemies are seen to be platitude in the movie.

These little folks hold their work forces in high ranks. Heads are ever work forces who are held responsible for the general cognition and safety of the group. The work forces are able to crush their married womans if they feel the demand to and are able to get married more than one adult female at a clip. This signifier of societal construction is a manner of increasing the population of the folk. Because the work forces can get married many married womans, adult females are in short supply. The younger males have to look to get married really immature married womans or to obtain adult females from foraies on other small towns. Yanomamo people rely to a great extent on a system of affinity. This system of affinity has incorporated an intricate nutrient beginning and trading system in their civilization. The Yanomamo live in a changeless province of warfare with other folks and even within their ain groups. Marriages are frequently arranged harmonizing to public presentations of one & # 8217 ; s relations in conflicts. Ideal matrimonies are thought to dwell of cross cousin matrimonies and the males of the household. The spiritual leaders of the folk perform all matrimonies. In add-on to their strong affinity ties and political confederations, the Yanomamo have a comprehensive faith, based on the usage of hallucinogenic drugs and the relation of fabulous narratives. The spiritual beliefs of the Yanomamo are rather complex. They believe that there are four degrees of world. Through them, the Yanomamo belief that things tend to fall or fall downward to a lower bed. The topmost bed of the four is thought to be pristine, stamp and empty. The Yanomamo believe that many things originated in this country. It is considered to be merely & # 8220 ; there & # 8221 ; , non playing much of a function in the mundane life. The following bed down is called the sky bed. The top surface is purportedly unseeable, but is believed to be similar to Earth. It has trees, gardens, small towns, animate beings, workss and most significantly, the psyche of the asleep. These psyches are said to be similar to persons because they garden, eat and slumber. Everything that exists on Earth is said to hold a opposite number on this degree. The bottom surface of the bed is said to be what the Yanomamo on Earth really see: the seeable sky. Stars and planets are attached to this bottom surface and travel across it on their single trails. The Yanomamo dwell on what is called & # 8220 ; this bed & # 8221 ; . This bed has jungles, hills, animate beings, workss and people who are somewhat different. Then there is the surface below & # 8220 ; this bed & # 8221 ; which the Yanomamo say is about wastes. They believe a discrepancy of the Yanomamo live here. . Here, they have no game animate beings and have ruthless man-eaters. They send their liquors up to & # 8220 ; this bed & # 8221 ; to capture the psyche of kids, which are carried down and eaten. In some Yanomamo small towns, the priest-doctors contend with the people on the bottom bed, trying to deter their cannibalistic ways.

In recent old ages, the influence of gold mineworkers, timber companies and missions have altered traditional Yanomamo life. Some Yanomamo have become fluid in Spanish and have become Christians. Others have developed relationships with mineworkers or lumbermans and have entered the modern European society. The debut of western civilisation has impacted the manner the Yanomamo live. Western diseases and medical methods have made the Yanomamo dependent on missions to last. They have besides had to larn to affect themselves in authorities in order to buttonhole for the saving of their life manner, civilization and rights to lands.

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