Tighten Gun Control And End The Shed

Of Young Innocent Blood Essay, Research Paper

Tighten Gun Control and End the Shed of Young Innocent Blood

On December 6, 1999, a thirteen-year-old male child at Fort Gibson Middle School in Oklahoma wounded five schoolmates. The 7th grader fired indiscriminately with a 9mm semiautomatic pistol at unsuspicious pupils outside waiting for the forenoon bell. I don t know, was the response he gave governments when asked why he fired and injured his fellow schoolmates ( Yardley, 1 ) . Even more alarming was the horrid incident about a twelvemonth ago back on April 20 ; two teens, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, entered Columbine High School and gunned down 12 pupils and a instructor, besides injuring 23 others ( Drummond 8 ) . These incidents of school force daze and shock us, particularly sing these were the latest of a series of violent onslaughts / slayings by striplings at school. Between 1992 and 1998, wholly excepting the violent eruption in 1999, 225 school related violent deceases were reported ( Marlin 169 ) . If this job is non solved, America s decease toll ( of kids! ) will merely increase. Schools must recognize that griping up security is non the solution ; the one kid non focused on will be the one to convey in the handguns and pistols. America s educational installations would non hold to look like military bases if all instructors and parents stopped the job at its root. We must contend adamantly for stricter gun control, so that these deathly arms ne’er infiltrate our cherished kids s lives.

To to the full understand the job, we must foremost reexamine the history of force in schools. In a survey in 1940, public school instructors were asked to rank the top seven disciplinary jobs. Some of their top seven included speaking out of bend, masticating gum, cutting in line, and running in the halls. Fifty old ages subsequently in 1990, the same inquiry was asked of our public school instructors ; their responses included robbery, colza, assault, and hooliganism ( Marlin 169 ) . Schools have gone from the resort areas of the inexperienced person to the front conflict lines of the corrupt. All pupils and parents of school-aged kids face the possibility every twenty-four hours that they ( or their kids ) may ne’er return place from school or may be the victim of an atrocious assault that would do them ne’er want to return to school.

Many feel that stronger security will halt the force. However, metal sensors didn T aid the three pupils in Fayetteville, Tennessee gunned down in the school parking batch in May 19, 1998 ( Manzo, 18 ) . Metallic sensors are good in idea, but armed guards can non stand at the entrywaies waiting for a pupil to walk in with a laden arm. By the clip person apprehends the pupil, he could ve already pulled out the arm and claimed several lives. These lone work with changeless surveillance and are easy avoided. There are normally several entrywaies to the school that pupils would non usually go through i.e. care doors, exigency issues, and kitchen entrywaies ; most schools would non desire to fund metal sensors for seldom used entrywaies with money already scarce.

Other people insist that deficiency of values instructions in the schoolroom has caused increased school force, which is likely besides true. A celebrated motto of the NRA is Guns Don T putting to death people, people kill people. However, today s construct of political rightness unluckily removes most values instructions from schoolrooms. In Stone v. Graham, the United States ruled that poster of the Ten Commandments violates the first amendment s Establishment clause, which prevents the indorsement of any faith by a authorities organic structure, schools being authorities funded ( Stone 6 ) . Since our authorities has fundamentally banned a papers that says 1000 shalt non kill, we are forced to make an environment that makes it hard to kill ; we can make this merely by establishing rigorous Torahs with rough penalty refering gun control.

Harmonizing to a study issued by the Department of Education, over 6000 pupils were expelled in 1996-1997 for conveying guns into the public schools. Even more alarming, a 1995 study conducted by the Center for Disease Control found that two in 25 high sch

ool pupils reported holding carried a gun in the last 30 yearss ( Rashten, 132 ) . A simple measure to controling these hideous statistics is to extinguish the gross revenues of pistols wholly. Hunters and sportswomans can support rifles or scatterguns, but can anyone believe of a existent intent for a pistol? For protection from aggressors in the place? A rifle or scattergun could easy guard off an aggressor, but fortuitously, are non easy concealed. Pistols are easy concealed, and their exclusive intent is to kill people, really dismaying, sing that the U.S. Senate estimations that Americans own at least 60 million pistols ( Rashten 132 ) .

Possibly less drastic, gun makers could do merely smart guns for sale to the general populace. One thought is a wireless sender wristband that must be worn when firing. Equally long as the taw wears the wristband, he can fire outright. Without it, the gun is useless. This wristband would be rapidly identifiable by guiltless bystanders. It would besides be really time-consuming to draw out the concealed watchband, put it on, and so fire the gun. Maryland Governor Glendening has voiced that he wants a authorization for merely individualized guns to be sold in Maryland after June 1, 2003. Smith and Wesson has a handgun with a fingerprint scanner lock in the workings. Yes, the gun could be stolen, but any effort to disenable the lock would destruct the gun. Our gun makers should bring forth these alternatively of easy concealed debris guns, cop killer slugs, and mail order parts for piecing untraceable guns without consecutive Numberss ( LeDuc A01 ) . The Consumer Product Safety Commission was created to protect our people against unreasonable hazard for hurt by consumer merchandises in 1972, yet gun lobbyists made certain that guns were non portion of their legal power. They can modulate playthings, apparels, and lawn mowers, but non a merchandise marketed to kill ( Gun Industry Reform 3 ) . With the 10 million dollars that Clinton has proposed to give to research in this fantastic engineering, hopefully we can acquire some merchandises on the market that are consumer safe. ( LeDuc A01 ) .

Last, gun traders must guarantee that merely those lawfully authorized to have a gun addition entree. This can happen by larceny from traders with unequal security, majority buying by organized gun sellers, or by simple carelessness in look intoing individuality. Besides many guns are provided to the illegal market through gun shows, where background cheques are about nonexistent and gross revenues are virtually unregulated. The Columbine slayers used guns purchased from a gun show by an eighteen-year-old friend.

I wish it had been more hard. I wouldn Ts have helped them purchase the guns if I

I had faced a background cheque.

-Robyn Anderson, buyer of guns used at Columbine High School

( Handgun Control 5 )

David Koresh, the Branch Dividian cult leader, purchased at least two hundred automatic and

Semi-automatic guns from Texas gun shows, non to advert 1000s of unit of ammunitions of ammo ( Private Gross saless at Handgun Shows 10 ) . These private traders are exempt from the Brady Bill, which requires a background cheque for gun purchases. These traders must be made to conform to the same regulations as any other reseller. After all, an unrestricted purchase resulted in the largest mass school killing the United States has of all time seen last twelvemonth at Columbine.

American kids are the most at hazard of decease by pieces than any other industrialised state. In merely one twelvemonth, pieces killed no kid in Japan, 19 in Great Britain, 57 in Germany, 109 in France, 153 in Canada, and 5285 in the United States ( The School Shootings and Beyond 1 ) . The grownups of our great state must take action to control these awful statistics, which includes serious design alterations or complete forbiddance of pistols and more limitation on the gross revenues of pieces into illegal markets. Our society is on a steady way downhill, and will unluckily bury the kids of the hereafter with them unless something is done rapidly. What is more of import, alterations in an already corrupt gun gross revenues market or our kids s lives? Possibly the parents of the Columbine victims might hold the reply.

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