Tim Burton’s Cinematic Style

9 September 2016

In Edward Scissorhands, Burton uses non-diegetic sound in order to help establish mood, so that viewers can react strongly to a specific scene. He also uses flashbacks in order to give background information about a character, so that the viewers can feel sympathy towards Edward. One cinematic technique that Burton uses is non-diegetic sound. He uses this technique very often to help establish the mood of a specific scene. For example, when Peg enters the garden of Edward’s castle, music of amazement and astonishment starts to play and it makes the viewers feel surprised and astounded.

Another example where Burton uses non-diegetic sound is when Peg walks up the stairs of Edward’s castle, there is dark, suspenseful, and mysterious music playing. This music makes the viewers feel worried or nervous for Peg, and it also makes the viewers wonder about what is going to happen to her. Another cinematic technique that Burton uses is flashbacks. The overall purpose of this cinematic technique is to give the viewers some background information about a certain character. One place Burton uses flashbacks is when the movie flashes back to where Edward’s inventor gets the idea of creating Edward.

This flashback makes the viewers feel sympathy towards Edward. Another example where Burton uses flashbacks is when the movie flashes back to where Edward’s inventor was teaching Edward proper etiquette. This flashback also makes the viewers feel sorry for Edward. Tim Burton uses a lot of cinematic techniques in his movies, but Burton is mainly known for his use of non-diegetic sound and flashbacks in his films. He uses these cinematic techniques to help establish mood and to give his viewers the back story on a character.

By him using these cinematic techniques, Burton leaves some type of effect on his viewers. If it is to use suspenseful music for the viewers to feel nervous, or to use flashback for the viewers to feel sympathy towards a character, Burton uses these cinematic techniques well. By Burton using flashback, in order for his viewers to feel sorry, the viewers side with Edward because of his difference. In this case, Edward Scissorhands is a great example to show viewers that it is okay for you to be different than other people. This movie shows that it better to be unique rather than fitting in with everything.

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