Time Changes Everything Essay Research Paper Time

9 September 2017

Time Changes Everything Essay, Research Paper

Time Changes Everything Essay Research Paper Time Essay Example

Time Changes Everything

Throughout clip, with engineering, higher acquisition, and new innovations things have a inclination to alter. Our roads, ways of life, and communities have changed over clip. A little town that may hold been productive may non be now because of the alterations. From our surveies we have learned about how farms, edifices, and transit have changed into disregarded history.

Some of the things that are forgotten are farms that are large, likely used to be bigger. Old roads and bridges become new, general shops in little towns or communities become rundown and some wantonness. These shops become rundown and abandon because there is now Wal-Mart and K-Mart that replace these general shops of the yesteryear. That is why I feel it was bound for Route 66 to be replaced. I believe if Route 66 is the female parent of all roads in America it is because the talk of it being the female parent of American roads. If it wasn T for people going Route 66, and coming back place, and stating their friends about it the route would hold ne’er truly known as that type of major route. I have to inquire the inquiry ; would we cognize about Route 66 if people didn T state us about it. Of class there are other things, like the sites that you can see by going across the state. At the tallness of Route 66 s travel it was the chief main road to the West. Some of the things that attracted people to Route 66 the thought of the route is it will ever intend traveling someplace. ( Pg. 27, Route 66 ) Another thought is if you have a fast auto, a seashore to make, and a adult female at the terminal of the route. ( Pg.26, Route 66 ) You can state that Route 66 is the female parent route because it was the first route to utilize one-mile intervals to allow you cognize how far you had to travel. There are many other things that make Route 66 the

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female parent of American roads. I feel that what I have found are the strongest grounds that make Route 66 what it was and is know to be thought of today. It set the criterions for all roads or main roads across American.

There are more roads in America besides Route 66. Normal roads like the state roads and metropolis streets are these other roads that can take you to tonss of new topographic points. If Toequeville was to go down the roads we go down this semester. He would

say that there is now a difference in the societal category unlike when he foremost came to America. If you are hapless, you look hapless, and if you are rich, you look rich. However, in America anyone can raise up above what of all time their present state of affairs is or that they were born into. You choose whether you want to be rich or hapless. You make your life what you want it to be in America.

I think he would hold understood what we talked about in Lexington. We talked about how what is new to us now will be old and disregarded, merely like we forgot about what was new to our parents. It is now old, and that means there will ever be alteration. One twenty-four hours person will replace the Wal-Mart s and K-Mart s. This will go on because of engineering. With new engineering, we might look to populate simple, but it will be a hi-tech simple life. Everything will be in are reach by computing machines.

Kunstler would state that Route 66 proves that America will alter for the better, but that America will keep on to the old. Even though the old is replaced by the new. We still keep on to the old, like we hold on to autos made 50 old ages ago or older. I m non certain how he would compose this paper. I feel that it would be wrote in same manner, the same things that I have written about he would hold with. Kunstler said that autos unfastened infinite far beyond

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the metropolis bounds ( pg. 89 ) I feel that this is what Route 66 did for our state, and that he would experience the same manner.

We care about Route 66 because this route is America. You see different people, topographic points, and civilizations this is America. No affair what route you may take it is America and you will happen different people, topographic points, civilizations, and a different narrative each clip you go someplace that is different. We need to see Route 66 because it is apart of our history that shouldn T be forgotten. The topographic points we have gone to see this semester so far have been topographic points that have been forgotten, or have things that have been forgotten. Like when we visited Amity Hill Rd. it is more than probably non remembered for being a chief travel route to acquire to Salisbury or that the old school that now houses people used to be a all black school during segregation. We need to retrieve what used to be, so we can cognize how we got to where we are now, and cognize how we got what we have now.


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