Time management

In this paper we are going to discuss the effects of time management and how it can help you in your daily activities. Time management is very important in many aspects of our lives whether it’s doing schoolwork, getting ready for work, or getting the kids ready for their sporting events. As one can see time management has many different effects on our lives, both as adults and as an adolescent. Therefore, using time management in our daily lives helps us every day and one will see the effects that it has on us even if we don’t know how to manage our time efficiently and effortlessly.

Time management can be used in many different ways throughout the day. When managing our time during the day, often people will try to keep you from finishing your duties in a timely manner. However, discussing time management one will see how it will help them in many of their daily activities and the effects that it has.

Time Management affects us in many ways throughout our daily lives. Sometimes time management can affect us by people stopping us on the way to work, while we are on a phone call, or even that last minute thing that has to be done before we can leave. We have to manage our time daily, such as when we first wake up for the day, to start getting ready for work or even to get our day started. Managing our time effectively during the day is a soft skill that not many people have and are able to us effectively. It is often said that study has shown that self-management in the setting of adolescents with disabilities showed that there were many variations among these people(DiPipi-Hoy, Caroline; Jitendra, Asha K; Kern, Lee pgs.145-159). However, time management and self-management affects those with disabilities and it also affects those that don’t have any disabilities. Most of us have problems with time management, whereas with others it comes fairly easy because they have things written down on calendars, daily planners or even have reminders stored in their phones.

In today’s society it is hard to manage our time wisely and efficiently because there are many daily activities that are going on throughout the day that affects them from managing their time appropriately. However, those with certain disabilities find it harder to manage their time better than others. In 2004 there was a mandated Individuals with Disabilities Act, which required schools to include transition goals in what is called an Individualized Education Program by the age of 16(DiPipi-Hoy, Caroline; Jitendra, Asha K; Kern, Lee pgs145-159). Time management affects many different people in many different ways daily, because they are not able to break things down so that they can get the things done that they need to do and be able to do them in a timely manner. With today’s society it is harder to manage our time efficiently because throughout the day we have many things that go on.

Time Management can help us in many different ways throughout our daily activities. Time manage is a soft skill that we obtain throughout our lifetime, it helps us as individuals mange what and how we do things during the day. Although, while using it one can see that he or she doesn’t have enough time in one day to get everything done at one time. However, to manage our time as individuals, we would need to break up our daily activities into many smaller time frames throughout the day so that we are able to complete them in a timely manner. What one will see is that time management is not only a soft skill it is also a hard skill that they learn over the duration of their lifetime. When one uses this skill, he or she will see that it often harder at times to make time during the day, to do everything they have to do, and that is why scheduling things around certain times of the day are needed and give it will give you a time frame to get it done.

I chose this topic of time management to show the effects of time management and how it will help us in our daily lives. I often find myself running low on time during the day, so what I do is I use a schedule book and reminders to remind myself what I have got to get done and give myself a allotted time to get it done and then I will move onto the next thing. I believe that not only myself but everyone else can build a time management schedule that will help them maintain daily activities throughout their day so that they are able to complete them in a timely manner. When using time management one need to have a set schedule of things that they have to do and give themselves enough time throughout the day.

While reading the effects of time management, we have seen what one can do to manage their time efficiently and how to complete their daily activities. Time management is a soft skill that is acquired throughout our lifetime and continues to grow as we grow. However, managing our time with everything that we do during the day maybe hard for us to do, it can be done without any hesitation at all.

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