Time The Final Frontier Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

Time: The Final Frontier Essay, Research Paper

Time The Final Frontier Essay Research Paper Essay Example

The temporal universe in which we live encompasses everything we know. All of our cognition comes from a trust of five and a half billion people that have no thought where they came from, and no thought where they are headed ; a universe of blind prima blind. A critical constituent of this world exists in a signifier that is neither demonstrable, nor ideal. This purportedly perfect signifier of measuring, known as clip, runs our lives until we fall so far behind that our organic structures eventually give out and decease. This unmerciful device, described in three signifiers, yesteryear, present and future, thrusts on as you read these words. These three simple words hold all the power of all time known on Earth. They are the indispensable elements to our lives every bit good as the expression that keeps us mortal. Without it, possibly, we could non be ; possibly we would go immortal, like Gods.

At present, we are all in the procedure of seeking to carry through something ; a undertaking, action, or deficiency thereof. At any given case, the present exists. One can take any minute in history, and, at some clip, it had existed in the signifier of the present. Besides, in the head of the individual retrieving this minute in the yesteryear, it exists as nowadays in that peculiar memory. How can we cognize that the definition of the word nowadays really establishes this blink of an eye in clip? The blink of an eye itself merely lasts for nothing clip before subsequent minutes follow. How can one specify what a word means if one can non detect the object it represents? Right as one realizes what this present consists of, it leaves his universe, a new present minute replacing it, going before it is realized every bit good.

This procedure has ever occurred, ever will. All societies have blindly accepted this expletive of ne’er cognizing when 1 can swear this manmade thought to be in any signifier but theory. All of the history we can perchance believe to be positively true is that of what we experience. How can we as persons fillied with cynicism perfectly accept as truth the supposed facts merely relayed to us by aliens? All of the text books, paperss, and lectures contain both infestations of sentiment and, more significantly, 2nd manus histories of an event one can non see first manus. Therefore, nowadays is the lone frame in clip that the current human race can swear to the full as true. Both the yesteryear and the hereafter, for different grounds, diverge from the present because of the fact that one can non presume that they of all time have taken topographic point, or of all time will.

Relatively, the past consists of minutes that have lived and died. It presents itself as a twine of dead nowadayss. Merely two things signify the yesteryear: memory and past tense. In no other manner of thought can one

express yesteryear. Even if one could perchance go back into clip, that individual would ne’er really make the yesteryear, for when that single reaches any minute in clip, in their point of position, they are in the present. Therefore, one can merely visualise the past, but can ne’er go it. This is the statement that disproves the being of the yesteryear. One can ne’er accomplish it. On the other manus, one can accomplish the close hereafter. One can non even be certain that the yesteryear, even the last few seconds, of all time has existed. If God, or whatever created the existence, did so at this really case, and created the memories that all of humanity possess right now, humanity would ne’er cognize because they remember many old ages worth of the ‘past.’ In this distorted manner of idea, past and future converge ; with the uncertainness of whether each had or will of all time be.

Past differs with the hereafter for three other grounds as good: , thought, future tense, and free will. Many think of the past as a series of errors, a juju doll for any to knife. With reminders of failures and opportunities non taken, worlds have a inclination to handle the yesteryear as a heap of dust that will non suit under the carpet. The past may look tainted, but the hereafter holds unbounded possibilities. In no other sphere of clip does free will take safety. The approval, and expletive, of free will holds all the positive, or negative, chances that saturate an unfastened head. The hereafter exists for two chief grounds: to take up clip otherwise wasted, and for an empty slate to do up for the losingss in the yesteryear. The uncertainness of whether or non tomorrow, or the following second for that affair, arrives should merely come as an encouragement toward the ictus of the best in life.

In the act of thought, one must utilize future tense to depict actions, wants, and In the idea procedure, the consequence exists in the hereafter which the individual rapidly attacks, merely the idea remains in the theoretical kingdom of the present. Once the topic coordinates the minute in clip and the action, which besides requires enormous idea, the hereafter moves to show, the action takes topographic point, and the materialisation of the instant into history takes topographic point.

No known homo has discovered the remedy for clip. The universe ages irrespective of what the human race does to seek to halt it. Along with this universe, all the beings within it besides fall victim to the many inhuman treatments of clip. Not merely the act of aging, but the abruptness of the present, the sorrow of the yesteryear, and the uncertainness of the hereafter. In a universe of clip, people both realize and fear mortality. In a universe without clip, whether life could be or non it is unsure. The inquiry is, do we put on the line our being for a opportunity at ageless life?

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