Tissue Specimen

4 April 2017

| NAM_________________________ DATE_____________| | NO| NAME OF TISSUE / SPECIMEN| NAME OF THE ORGAN SYSTEM| LABEL SPECIMEN| FUNCTION| DESEASE| Type of tissuesection| Staining technique| REFRENCE| MAGNIFICATION| DRAWING / SKETCH| 1| Acute Lymphocyte Leukemia | Cardiovascular System | Blood | Type of cancer of the blood or bone marrow characterized by an abnormal increase of white blood cells| Leukemia | Blood Smear | Hematoxylin| http://swc2. hccs. du/bio/labs| 451×306 pixels| | 2| Atherosclerosis- Coronary Artery | Cardiovascular system | Located in main arteries of heart| Blockage of passage of blood into coronary arteries| Arthrosclerosis blockage of coronary artery/ MI heart attack/ | CL| Giesma| Http://www. enome. gov/images| Size: 215×200 pixels| | 3| Cardiac Muscle | Cardiovascular system | Heart/ smooth muscle | Contraction and relaxation of muscle for blood flow | Congestive heart failure| DM| Wrights| http://swc2. ccs. edu/bio/labs| 500×376 pixels| | 4| Cystic Duct| Digestive system| Liver/ gall bladder | join passage of common hepiatic duct | Estrahepalic Bile Duct Cancer (PDQ) / Gallstones| CS| Silver strain| http://med. umich. edu/| 512×512 pixels 117 kb| | 5| Dorsal Root Ganglion- Golgi Aparatus | eukaryotic cells organelle | Cellular Organelle| Distribution of cells chemicals products| Alzheimer’s Disease | DM| Silver Stained| http://anatomyatlas. rg/microscopicantatomy/| 472×269 pixels| | 6| Eosinophila | Cardiovascular system| Blood| Causes are allergic reaction or parasitosis| condition in which the eosinophil count in the peripheral blood exceeds 0. 45? 109/L| Blood Smear| Hematoxylin| http://www. nurs. org. jp/igaku/s4323| 200×200 piels| | 7| Fish Blastodisc Mitosis Section| Reproductive system | Egg| the embryo-forming portion of an egg with discoidal cleavage| Mitosis | Longitudinal Cross section| Giesma| http://www. carolina. om/images/enUS| 251×250 pixels| | 8| Frog Early Cleavage | Reproductive System | Frog egg| During the 3 hour fertilization and pass thru the gray crescent | Mitosis| Representative Sagittal Section| Giesma| https://bio. rutgers. edu/bm-earl. ,html| 215×220 pixels| | 9| Uterus fibroid tumor| Reproductive System | Uterus| Is a benign tumor that originates from the smooth muscle layer of uterus| carcinosarcoma| CS| Wrights| http://www. obgyn. edu. /images| 400×320 pixels| | 10| Goiter – Section| Endocrine System| Enlargement of

Thyroid gland| Regulating of body metabolism and calcium balance. | Hyperthyroidism: overproduction of thyroid hormone | LS| Wrights| http://pathweb. uchc. edu| 432×324 pixels| | 11| Human Blood Smear| Cardiovascular System | Blood| Transport of nutrients and other wastes | Leukemia / hemophilia | Blood smear | Hematoxylin| Http://www. aug. edu/biology/1101cspage2| 30×244 pixels| | 12| Human Aurobach’s plexus| Nervous system | Parasimpatetic Nervous System| provides motor innervation to both layers and secretomotor innervation to the mucosa,| Achalasia| CS| Wrights| http://en. ikipedia. org/aurebach’s plexus| 50×215 pixels| | 13| Human Blood Smear (Wrights)| Cardiovascular System| Blood| Transportation of nutrients and wastes| lymphoma,| Blood smear| Wrights| http://download. videohelp. com/visual/med| 367×192 pixels| | 14| Human Brain Astrocytes- Silver Stained| Nervous System | star-shaped glial cells in the brain and spinal cord| biochemical support of endothelial cells that form the blood–brain barrier| Neurodegeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson Disease, | LS| Silver Stained | Http://nordiqu. rg/images/IFs| 170×255 pixels| | 15| Human breast carcinoma | Reproductive System| malignant breast neoplasm| Cancer originating from breast tissue, most commonly from the inner lining of milk ducts| Breast Cancer | LS| Wrights| http://www. labvision. c/images/ihcimage| 175×175 Pixels| | 16| Human Cardiac Infection – Cross section| Cardiovascular system | Heart | Decrease function of heart developing heart failure and valve dysfunction | Bacterial endocarditis an infection of the heart valves or the heart’s inner lining endocardium| Cross section | Wrights| http://pathmicro. ed. sc. edu| 448×350 pixels | | 17| Human Cardiac muscle – Interacted Discs| Cardiovascular system | Striated Smooth Muscle | Intercalated discs (IDs) are complex adhering structures which connect single cardiac myocytes| Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy, ARVC| CS| DM| http://www. 1cro. com/Discovery/cardiacmus. gif| 308×153 pixels | |

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