Titanic Soundtrack

7 July 2019

If you’ve seen “Titanic” or listened to the radio at all, I’m sure you’ve heard the chart-topping Celine Dion song, “My Heart Will Go On.” What you probably haven’t heard are the captivating instrumentals that were also featured in this blockbuster movie. Normally, I don’t really like instrumental or “elevator” music, but this CD is different. I find myself listening to it whenever I am in my room. It is calming, peaceful and relaxing. I listen while I am on the phone, doing homework, and going to sleep. My religion class even meditates to it! The fabulous album, composed and conducted by James Horner, opens with the melodic, “Never an Absolution.” From this point, it only gets better. Some of my other favorites include: “Distant Memories,” “Rose,” and “A Life So Changed.” In addition to these beautiful pieces is the tear-jerking, “My Heart Will Go On.” The soundtrack closes with the song appropriately titled, “A Hymn to the Sea.” Each and every song reminds me of the phenomenal movie, which makes it even more pleasing to listen to. An added bonus is an insert of colored photos of some of the movie’s most memorable and beautiful scenes. Therefore, if you love music and you loved “Titanic” – you can’t go wrong with the “Titanic” soundtrack. .

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