Titanic The Musical

When we thought that we were at the peak of this new Titanic frenzy, along comes a musical with such power, emotion, and strength to sweep the Tonys with five awards, including Best Musical, Best Orchestration, Best Book, Best Original Score, and Best Scenic Designer. Instead of having one or two main characters who fall in love, this musical is about the ship herself, the R.M.S. Titanic, and takes place between April 10, 1912 (the day the Titanic left England) and April 15, when 711 (of the 2228 passengers) were picked up out of the sea and lifeboats. This musical takes us through the five days the Titanic sailed the Atlantic Ocean. Besides all the famous first-class figures, the musical leads us into the lives of the officers, the radiomen, the lookouts, and the stoker who worked behind the scenes to make the journey as enjoyable as they could for the passengers. The music and story that Maury Yeston and Peter Stone came up with are phenomenal. They captured the music of both the seas and the time. In the beginning, all the passengers can think about is boarding this new ship, and traveling across the seas on the biggest moving object known to man. But once the Titanic hits the iceberg, you see their true colors; some become strong and brave, while others turn into cowards. I would definitely recommend this CD to anyone who has an interest in the ship, in musicals, or in music itself. .

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