Title by Meghan Trainor

10 October 2019

Can you take a stone, give it wings, and make it fly? Meghan Trainor can. In fact, Meghan Trainor does that pretty darn well in her new pop album, “Title” (yes, Title is the name). She takes heavy, depressing topics and makes them light and airy with her delightful tunes and playful tones. But I need to warn you; Meghan Trainor’s songs are like the flu – very, very catchy. Once those first notes begin to play, your feet start tapping to the rhythm and your head bobs to the beat. You can’t help it. The songs from “Title” are just too fun to leave alone. Pretty soon, you’ve got every word to every song memorized, and you probably started with “All About That Bass”.
Trainor’s first successful song was “All About That Bass”, a song so cheery yet meaningful that it became the #1 pop song on Billboard’s Hot 100 – and tied a record with Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” and “Billie Jean” for the longest-leading top song on the charts in all the history of Epic Records. In fact, it was the very single that led to Trainor’s sudden rise in fame. All of Trainor’s songs have a message behind them. Fun and upbeat, “All About That Bass”, released as a single before the album took form, tells girls that they should love their bodies, no matter what shape and size they come in. “Close Your Eyes” also holds a similar meaning, saying that everyone is beautiful and should love and appreciate themselves. “Dear Future Husband” is a humorous song that informs “future husbands” how to behave themselves and treat their wives. “Lips Are Movin” is about a girlfriend’s feelings towards a player who cheated on her. However, the songs’ fast-paced, light, happy melodies (all in major keys, of course) take the deep topics and make them seem not only easy but enjoyable to listen to and think about.
In consistency with her songs, Trainor’s music videos are colorful, simple, and very entertaining. So far, the only released videos are those for “All About That Bass”, which received over 280 million views, and “Lips Are Movin”, which was uploaded very recently. The backgrounds in both videos are almost always a pastel color, most often pink, and the choreography fits the songs’ easy rhythms perfectly. It only makes it harder to dislike such delightful singles when they come with dances that are uncomplicated to learn and tons of fun to perform.
It is great for teens, kids, and adults alike to listen to the songs from “Title” and have their minds set to have confidence in themselves and respect for others. The entire album has not been released yet (it will be on January 13, 2015), but its current five songs are all boppy and motivational. Trainor has a clever way of disguising subjects that could very well be depressing for some people into catchy, light-hearted tunes that stick in everyone’s heads and sneak the positive messages into their listeners’ brains.
I think it is great that we have such a brave songwriter bringing body-positive songs into a world where music usually revolves around the same themes: love, heartbreak, and partying. It isn’t often that we hear songs with inspirational messages go so high on the pop charts, especially songs that are so pleasant to listen, sing, and dance along to. For this, I am extremely proud that we have such an artist in the music industry. As soon as I turned the music up, I was hooked, and once you take a listen, you’ll be all about that bass too.

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