Title Their Eyes Were Watching God

10 October 2017

Title: Their Eyess Were Watching God Essay, Research Paper

AP Book Report

1. Title: Their Eyess Were Watching God

2. Writer and Date Written: Zora Neale Hurston ; 1937

3. State of Author: America

4. Major Fictional characters:

Janie, the supporter of the novel, is described as powerful, articulate, autonomous, and radically different. She is a really strong adult female, both mentally and physically. She besides is a really beautiful adult female, adored by many. The fresh follows her around throughout the class of the novel and the reader witnesses her patterned advance throughout her life. Janie struggles to detect herself, and spends the full novel seeking to happen felicity and what it is that she wants.

Tea Cake, a adult male really much younger than Janie, becomes her 3rd hubby. He is a really sort and sweet adult male in his wooing of Janie, leting her to win at Chess and non harming her in any manner.

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He is really much a coquette. But after the two are married, Tea Cake changes a small spot. At one point he beats Janie, merely to demo that she is still his ownership. Janie loves him through it all, nevertheless, so that when Tea Cake passes off, she is sorrowing excessively much to have on the bereavement apparels.

Joe Starks is the adult male who is Janie s 2nd hubby. At her first sight of him, she is funny, for he is described as a citified, fashionable dressed adult male. It is this wonder that drives Janie to run into him. Joe knows precisely what it is he wants in life. He tells Janie that he wishes to be a large voice and the foreman in the shortly to be Eatonville. He believes that adult females should be seen and non heard, which he applies to Janie. Janie is to move her portion as Mrs. Mayor. Joe is a really covetous adult male. He will non let Janie to have on her hair down, for he sees the pleasance that the other work forces take in it, and he wants to be the lone adult male who can bask it.

4. Minor Fictional characters:

Pheoby plays the portion of Janie s best friend in Eatonville. She is swearing and loyal, a good hearer and a true friend. Janie wishes to utilize her as a voice to all the nosy-parkers in the town, stating the true narrative for Janie.

Logan Killicks is the first to get married Janie. Janie believes that she will happen love and felicity in matrimony, but she is greatly mistaken. Logan Killicks is a working adult male. He inside wishes for his married woman to make work, excessively. So when he buys a 2nd mule, which he means for Janie to utilize, she won Ts take it any longer. Janie s matrimony to him transforms her from a na ve miss of 17, to a adult female who has begun to cognize precisely what it is that she wants.

Nanny is Janie s grandma. Nanny raises Janie after Janie s parents take off. Nanny is glad to raise Janie, naming it her 2nd opportunity to make something right. Nanny prays frequently to God for the wellbeing of Janie. She is a church-going individual, dragging Janie along a few times. Nanny wants Janie to acquire herself up into a high place and remain at that place, but since Janie gets at that place so fast, she doesn Ts like it at all. In Janie s foremost matrimony, Nanny tells her that she doesn Ts have to hold love, merely protection.

5. Settings:

In the narrative that Janie tells Pheoby, Janie s place of birth is the first scene. Janie was born in northern Florida and raised with the white kids that her Nanny worked for. Although there are two opposing races, they harmonically play and get along together. It is here that Janie grows up with her grandmother and lives with her first hubby, Logan Killicks. It is here that Janie foremost learns of life as she sits beneath the pear tree. Although Janie didn T like her grandmother that much, this topographic point will ever be her place. Instilled upon the reader is a feeling of security and heat in such a topographic point.

Eatonville is where Joe Starks take Janie. It is an all black turning metropolis, and that is why Joe wishes to fall in the turning attempt. Eatonville is located to the South and E of where Janie was born and raised. The citizens shortly make Joe their city manager, the end that he has wished to carry through. But in this topographic point, Janie isn T happy. She must play the portion of Mrs. Mayor, but it doesn t tantrum her. Although she has such a high place, she isn t respected. She is looked on by people as beautiful, but as to esteem, she doesn t acquire it. In Eatonville, the reader is diffident. Although the chief characters are among their ain sort and are leaders of their equals, the people come to be tired of Joe and tired of his ways. This creates a sense of insecurity, with a possibility that mutiny could happen. However, every bit shortly as Joe is gone, the people make it their concern to irrupt upon Janie s life.

The sludge becomes the place of Janie and Tea Cake. He takes her at that place so that he can gain money to back up her, non desiring to populate off of her money. Janie is no longer in a high place, but the people and Tea Cake are still diffident if she will fall in them in the Fieldss, dressed in overalls alternatively of frocks. On the sludge, Janie is respected and adored by her fellow workers as she joins the work force to be near to her darling hubby. Although the name of the topographic point refers to it as a God-forsaken topographic point near the moisture Everglades, it is a topographic point that the reader truly feels comfy in, as does Janie. She becomes what her 2nd hubby would ne’er hold allowed her to go. She additions her freedom and free her hair of the caput shred. She is genuinely happy with Tea Cake and loves him really much.

6. Brief Plot Summary:

Set in the clip when the slaves had merely been liberated for a figure of old ages, the people work to maintain themselves alive and to set up themselves as a well-thought-of people. In this clip, Janie, the chief character, makes her life in the Southern province of Florida. As events occur in the novel, the reader sees the alterations it wroughts upon Janie. Janie progresses from a na ve miss into a knowing adult female, larning much from her three matrimonies. It isn T until the 3rd matrimony to Tea Cake that she gets it right and finds her true felicity. She attains her ends of traveling tuh God, and [ traveling ] tuh happen out about livin fuh theyselves.

7: Subject:

Throughout the novel, Janie progresses and grows, endeavoring to go independent, happen her voice, discover the universe, and to happen out what matrimony is truly all about. She can be seen as a female hero on a pursuit. Throughout the class of the narrative, the reader sees Janie grow and develop in many different ways.

Janie becomes independent and finds her ain voice. In her first two matrimonies, as her hubbies work at upward mobility, leting Janie to talk and believe less and less, Janie struggles to do a life for herself and be able to freely talk. When she does, she realizes that sometimes it is really best non to ever state your head.

In her pursuit, Janie wishes to detect the universe for herself. As she continues throughout her life, Janie, alternatively of trying to go less of her heritage, emerges deeper and deeper into the South, into Black tradition. This is why she and Mrs. Turner don t mix good. Janie has no desire to break the cause for black adult females, but alternatively she turns to herself, wishing to set up her ownself.

By the clip she has become a adult female with her coveted traits, she has found the right hubby. She eventually finds the felicity in matrimony that she ever dreamed about. Just as the pear tree bloomed, so did Janie. All these developments allowed Janie to state Pheoby what it is that adult female must make for themselves. She says that They got tuh sludge tuh God, and they got tuh happen out about livin fuh theyselves. These ends are what Janie completes as she ends her pursuit and becomes an independent adult female, full of self-fulfillment.

8. Symbols:

Janie s hair and the manner she wears it is a symbol of her freedom. When she is married to Joe Starks, she is unable to let her hair to flux freely. Alternatively, she is mandated to bind it up within a caput shred, for the intents of her covetous hubby. She has a beautiful caput of hair, but is unable to demo it off. Her hubby wants her as an adornment, but she is unable to decorate her

ego to do up for his mistakes. However, when Joe dies and subsequently when she is married to Tea Cake, she removes her caput shred and lets her beautiful hair show. She is able to make what she desires within this matrimony. If she wishes to run, angle, state gags, wear overalls, work in the Fieldss, she is able to. She is allowed the freedoms to which she was denied by Joe.

The mule is a dual symbol. In one manner adult females are the mules of the universe, as nanny puts it. In Janie s relationship with Logan Killicks, he wishes her to work like a mule and yieldingly do everything that he wishes of her. However, subsequently when in Eatonville, the villagers joke about a adult male s mule that is overworked, tired, emaciated, and old. This mule is a symbol of what the black people used to be as they toiled, slaves in the Fieldss. The black people make merriment of it, badger it, but they still wish it could merely rest. As slaves, the Negroes worked difficult to function their detached Masterss. The mule s maestro is wholly detached, wishing to work the hapless beast to decease.

The pear tree signifies where Janie s artlessness becomes cognition of the universe. Siting beneath its limbs, Janie observes the universe around her, detecting what life is all about. She becomes in melody with nature recognizing what it is that goes on. It is here that she becomes a dreamy, passionate misss, non rather understanding the universe of people in her twenty-four hours. She merely knows what it is that she wants to acquire out of life. It isn T until she is forced to get married that her dreams are dashed and she becomes a adult female of the universe.

9. Significant Imagination:

saw the sun dip into the same cleft in the Earth from which the dark emerged. Through first-class enunciation and a originative manner of seting things, the author allows an image to organize within the head of the reader. In the head s oculus, a vivid, tangerine-colored, blazing Sun is pictured as it easy wanes, vanishing beyond the skyline. Such fantastic description makes books without images contain images that the reader conjures up himself.

Another transition that invokes great imagination is when Tea Cake must salvage Janie from submerging and the rabid Canis familiaris. Hurston words the experience as Tea Cake opening his knife as he dived. Sliting through the H2O is the image that is created by this transition. Imagery is a really effectual tool used by gifted writers. As with comparings, the writer must utilize points that the reader is able to associate to. Hurston does this really good.

10. Title Significance:

During the great hurricane the people, scared out of their heads, had nil else to make, but wonder what the great program of God was and if it was destiny that they should be destroyed. Before Janie, Tea Cake, and Motor leave the house, they lie, petrified, on the floor and their six eyes were oppugning God. Although they seem to be gazing at nil into the dark, their eyes were watching God. The people in this fresh aren t all that spiritual. Nanny would pray to God and passed a small spiritualty down to Janie. But for the remainder of the people, most merely took His name in vain. It isn T until times are truly tough where they may run into their Creator that they turn to him. Throughout the novel, Janie does travel to God, ne’er being to the full taught precisely what to make. She becomes a portion of nature, a portion of His creative activities. The people around her, nevertheless, do nil of the kind.

11. Author s Techniques:

The technique of personification is used by Hurston to do amazing descriptions. Death had to take him like it found him. In this illustration, the writer is bodying Death, leting it to be thought of and conceived as a individual. Death has come to take the overworked mule off in this really originative manner. Another case where the technique is utilised is when the mule is wholly dead and the turkey vultures have congregated about his organic structure. The turkey vultures begin to speak and move as idea they are people, reacting to their leader, the Parson. Personification is a really effectual tool used by gifted authors, heightening descriptions and their plants.

One technique that is decidedly non forsaken is the usage of similes. The full novel is chalked full of them. As Janie is out with Tea Cake fishing at midnight she comments that she felt like a kid breakage regulations. This literary work is really strong and profound. It is easy for the reader to be able to associate to this phrase. The reader is able to understand precisely how Janie feels about this new thing that she is making. Similes are included to efficaciously convey what the characters are experiencing and seeing every bit good as what the writer wishes to associate to the reader.

Metaphors are besides important literary elements that greatly aid in the description and relaying of facts. When Tea Cake speaks of Mrs. Turner s boy, he refers to him as uh dirty trick her uterus played on her. Immediately the reader is able to feel the disdain that Tea Cake has for the boy every bit good as Mrs. Turner, mentioning to the kid as a error. Metaphors are stronger comparings than similes, for they omit the words like or as. They create direct comparings that are really profound.

Biblical allusion besides appears in the novel a figure of times. In order for Tea Cake to depict himself to Janie, he says Ah m de Apostle Paul tuh de Gentiles. Ah tells mutton quad and so agin Ah shows em. Tea Cake is stating Janie that he tells it like it is. He doesn t clasp anything back. The reader can see that he is an honorable adult male. This successful allusion to the Bible non merely adds the significances of such a great book, but besides allows learned readers to cognize and understand Tea Cake.

Irony is a amusing device used in this work. When a bash occurs at Mrs. Turner s eating house, she believes that her brother and her boy would hold helped her greatly to interrupt it up. However the storyteller reveals that Cipher told her right away that her boy and brother were already on their manner after pointed warnings outside the caf. Her valorous household who she believed would salvage her left her high and dry, much to her discouragement. It is dry that she believed one manner, when truly her household International Relations and Security Network T so loyal. When the Indians prophesy that a hurricane is coming, the nescient people reply that Beans running mulct and monetary values good, so the Indians could be, must be incorrect. These people believe that nil can travel incorrect if everything is so right. They were so high on themselves that they pig-headedly paid no attending to the warnings. It is dry that the Indians, who they believe are incorrect, are really right. This dry event turns into a incubus for the occupants who didn Ts heed the premonition.

The mode in which the writer structurized the novel in itself is a technique. The beginning initiates in the present and flashes back to uncover Janie s life narrative, stoping up back at the present. It is a different, alone, and originative manner to compose. Alternatively of maintaining the same, basic secret plan line, this work has breaks, go forthing the reader to set everything in order, themselves. This technique adds to the literary value of the book, promoting it to its vertex.

As in most novels, prefiguration has its portion. But alternatively of a character prophesying or the storyteller suggesting at future events, it is the action that foreshadows. Before the hurricane expanses across Florida, the Indians leave their places, claiming that blossoming grass indicates that a hurricane is so coming. After this manifestation, the reader becomes uneasy, inquiring if the Indians are so right, which the reader finds out subsequently, they are.

Southern idiom is used by Hurston to enrich her work with Black tradition and the mode in which they spoke. It allows the reader to understand this little portion of Black history as they evolved into a well-thought-of cultural group in America. At first it is difficult to understand what is being said, but within clip, the reader becomes accustomed to it. It besides coerces the reader to go a portion of the novel and bask the temper of the South. When composing about events in the South, it becomes necessary to compose in the appropriate idiom, which Hurston takes on gracefully and wondrous.

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