To Be A Slave Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

To Be A Slave Essay, Research Paper

To Be A Slave

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The lone things that come to my head when I think of bondage and of the book To be a

Slave are either misconstruing or really negative. During the bondage old ages, African

people were subjected to some of the worst interventions of the history of this planet.

They were forced to work for white people as slaves, but that is nil compared with

the intervention they received. Slaves were beaten, mal-nourished, and disrespected as

a whole. Slaves were considered every bit low as the lowest signifiers of life. They were treated

less than some signifiers of life. They were treated as belongings that was disposable and

replaceable, and I don? t understand why this outlook came into the human encephalon.

I sometimes can seek to do myself understand how a adult male could experience that he could

ain another adult male.

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Money and greed is likely the ground that made people experience that

they should convert themselves that they are superior to another race. I believe that

white people tried to do themselves believe that they were superior, and finally

the thought surfaced that they were superior, even though deep down they knew they

were non. Why intervention was so rough I don? t to the full understand either. My theory is

that the highly unsmooth intervention given to the Africans was

to guarantee that the white

people would stay? top dog. ? This could besides explicate the holocaust, when the German nazi

executed 1000000s of guiltless people for no evident ground. They excessively could hold felt

threatened by a different society. The lone difference is that the Americans didn? T

needfully experience threatened by the Africans, but they likely didn? Ts like the fact that

they could revolt and free themselves. Intimidation was a really effectual scheme.

Harsh penalty could maintain the slaves in-line. However, this thought could merely

go on one time the thought that White people were superior was steadfastly, and falsely, imprinted

in the slave proprietor? s heads. At first, when slave trading was new in America, I would be

willing to presume that penalty was non as harsh. It was likely gradual. Leading

to the flood tide of one of the worst eyeglassess that the oculus of adult male has beheld. The

bottom line was the fact that bondage was evil, and that? s bad. It below the belt took the lives

of guiltless people who didn? t stand much of a opportunity, and stole every net income that

could be made of them for another individual. It became so bad that jurisprudence declared that a

adult male could have another adult male. Fortunately, we are no longer in the dark ages of bondage.

Every homo being has, or should hold, an equal chance to make what they want

with themselves, and that? s good.

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