To Kill a Mockingbird

1 January 2017

He promises to keep reading with Scout if she continues to go to school 13. Why does Miss Caroline tell Burris Ewell to go home? He was rude and she thought he had lice 15. How is Calpurnia a good influence on Scout? She showed her that black and whites are equal. Chapters 4-5: 17. Describe the new game the kids start to play. They act out the stories they have heard about Boo. 19. How does Miss Maudie feel about Arthur “Boo” Radley? Miss Maudie tells Scout that Boo was a very nice young man. Chapter 6: 21. Why doesn’t Scout want Jem to go back to retrieve his pants?

He thought he heard a gunshot Chapter 7-8 23. Why does Nathan Radley tell the children he sealed the knothole shut with cement? Do you believe him? Why or why not? Support your response with a specific detail from the novel. To keep Boo from leaving things in the tree for Scout and Jem. No, i think he did this to cut off his brother’s contact with the children. 25. In chapter eight, why does Atticus drag the children out of bed in the middle of the night? Because Miss Maudie’s house is on fire 27. What conclusions are you beginning to draw about Boo? Chapter 9: 29. Who is Atticus’ latest client?

To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Example

Why has Atticus decided to defend this man? Tom Robinson, because he knows it’s right. 31. Francis upsets Scout when he says that no one wants Dill. Why is this a hypocritical statement from Francis? Because neither one of them live with their real parents. 33. What does Uncle Jack learn from Scout? To hear both sides of the story. Chapter 10: 35. Why do Mrs. Maudie and Atticus tell the children it is a sin to kill a mockingird? Basically, explain what this means. Because mockingbirds don’t do anything but provide music for people and they don’t harm anything Chapter 11: 37.

Why does Jem do this to Mrs. Dubose? Because she said he wasn’t better than a black person and trash 39. After Mrs. Dubose dies, what do the children learn about her? That she was a morphine addict. 41. Why does Atticus think she left this for Jem? to say everything is going to be all right 43. Name two characters who exhibit this courage. Explain. Atticus- When he teaches Jem and Scout to be brave. Mrs. Dubose- She has a flaw and realizes what she has to do to fix it Chapter 12-14: 45. Why is Lula upset that Calpurnia has brought Jem and Scout? Because Jem and Scout are white and they’re black 7. How do we see segregation in chapter 12? They go to an all black church 49. How does Aunt Alexandra feel about Calpurnia? Explain. She doesn’t like her being there. 51. In chapter 14, what does Jem do that makes Scout refer to him as a traitor? Because he told Atticus that Dill was there. 53. At the end of chapter 14, Scout wonders why Boo Radley never ran away. What does this statement reveal about her new perceptions of Boo? He likes to be inside. Chapter 15: 55. Why does Jem decide to follow him? Because he was worried 57. Why do you think Scouts nervous rambling causes the mob to disperse? ecause it showed them that they don’t have the fight. 59. Who had Atticus’ back? Scout. 61. How does scout know that Jem is not in trouble for disobeying Atticus? by the way Atticus is acting. Chapter 17-18: 63. Describe Mrs. Delphos Raymond. Include why some of his neighbors do not agree with his lifestyle. He is a white man who is a drunk. They do not agree with him because of that and because he hangs around blacks. 65. Summarize what is revealed during Sheriff Heck Tate’s testimony. Mayella was beaten and raped by Tom Robinson. 67. Summarize what revealed during Bob Ewell’s testimony.

What is Atticus trying to prove? Mayella was beaten on the right side of her face. Atticus was trying to prove that Tom’s left arm doesn’t work. Chapter 19-21: 69. What evidence does Atticus use to show that Tom Robinson could not have beat Mayella up? His arm doesn’t work. 71. Summarize Tom Robinson’s side of the story. He was walking home from work and Mayella asked him to help her with something. She invited him inside and she kissed him; Bob caught them through the window. Whenever Tom saw that Bob caught them, he ran. 73. Why is Dill so upset? they’re treating Tom Robinson unfair.

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