To Kill a Mockingbird Quotes Essay Sample

1. “Simply because we were licked a hundred old ages before we started is no ground for us non to seek to win. ” Speaker: Atticus
Shows his strong sense of character about making what is morally right to make. regardless of what others think He is non persuaded by the remainder of Maycomb’s racialist ways. Racism is a outstanding factor in the fresh Sets a good illustration. he is a leader in Maycomb. and for his kids

“Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to bask. They don’t eat up people’s gardens. don’t nest in corncribs. they don’t do one thing but sing their Black Marias out for us. That’s why it’s a wickedness to kill a mocker. ” Speaker: Miss Maudie

Repeats the mocker subject shortly after Atticus introduces it to us Clarifies the subject Connects Atticus and Miss Maudie on their similar beliefs.

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and lessons they hope to transfuse in the kids

“I’d instead you shot at Sn tins in the back pace. but I know you’ll go after birds. Shoot all the bluejays you want. if you can hit ‘em. but retrieve it’s a wickedness to kill a mocker. ” Speaker: Atticus

Introduces theme about mockers
Representative of Atticus’ beliefs. helps us to see his character and ethical motives We begin to see the symbolism between his lesson and the mockers of the novel ( Tom Robinson. Boo Radley )

“The chief ground is. if I didn’t couldn’t hold up my caput in town. I couldn’t stand for this county in the legislative assembly. I couldn’t even state plaything or Jem non to make something once more. ” Speaker: Atticus

Atticus is remaining true to his character as a leader in town by taking Tom Robinson’s instance. by making what is right If Atticus was to non take the instance. he himself would cognize inside he would be making the incorrect thing He would be a hypocrite stating his kids to make the right thing. if he himself was non able to Stay true to his admirable. strong character

“I wanted you to see what existent bravery is. alternatively of acquiring the thought that bravery is a adult male with a gun in his manus. It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyhow and you see it through no affair what. ” Speaker: Atticus

Atticus deepens his children’s apprehension of what bravery is. and helps to see it from different point of position Repeats the subject of bravery

Connection to Atticus’s pickings of Tom Robinson’s test

“To my manner of thinkin’ . Mr. Finch. taking the one adult male who’s done you and this town a great service an’ draggin’s him with his diffident ways into the spotlight – to me. That’s a wickedness it’s a wickedness and I’m non about to hold it on my caput. If it was any other adult male it’d be different. But non this adult male. Mr. Finch. ” Speaker: Heck Tate

Connection to mockingbird subject. we see how Mr Tate understands Boo Radley’s artlessness and how he would non wish to be exposed to the populace. Heck Tate respects Boo Radley’s privateness. Character development. as we see Heck Tate does what he believes is best for Boo Radley

“First of all. ” he said. “if you can larn a simple fast one. Scout. you’ll acquire along a batch better with all sorts of folks. You ne’er truly understand a individual until you consider things from his point of position – until you climb into his tegument and walk about in it. ” Speaker: Atticus

Atticus passes on. and efforts to learn his kids his wisdom. this is yet another lesson he tries to transfuse in them Demonstrates his position point on equality. which ties into the subject of racism throughout the novel We see the relationship between Scout and Atticus. and her great degree of regard for her male parent

“Some folks don’t like the manner I live… I try to give ‘em ground. you see. It helps folks if they can. . say he’s in the clasps of whiskey – that’s why he won’t alter his ways. ” Speaker: Dolphus Raymond

Connection to the reoccurring job of racism in Maycomb. Dolphus labels himself a rummy to avoid the opinions of the town in which he would have Character development. we learn Dolphus is really a affluent. sober adult male. who chooses to populate this manner to avoid the lip service of Maycomb’s society

“I think there’s merely one sort of folks. Folks. ”
Speaker: Lookout
We see Scout’s artlessness. she has non gained hatred for anyone and is non racist Repeats the subject of racism
We see Scouts adulthood degree and apprehension of human sort is highly high for her age

“I don’t know [ how they could convict Tom Robinson ] . but they did it. They’ve done it before and they did it tonight and they’ll do it once more and when they do it-seems that merely kids weep. Speaker: Atticus

We see the biass that society has become accustomed to. and larn that merely kids ( Jem ) weep because they see it’s incorrect. Other’s see it as incorrect but accept this as ways of life. The corruptness of the town is apparent in this scene. We see the unfairness of racism. the reoccurrence of this subject

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