To Pimp A Butterfly(2015) by Kendrick Lamar

10 October 2019

Kendrick Lamar is a rap artist that has made some masterful albums like the famous Good Kid M.A.A.D. City and so far has only really three albums from what I know of. When compared to other rappers like Drake or Eminem, he often stands superior. Falling under the subgenre of Gangster or Western Rap and often talks about some sort of political turmoil or society based with his lyrics which I find is relatively uncommon in any form of music, especially heavy metal.

To Pimp A Butterfly its self could be like a metaphor for paying attention to something we don’t often notice like, well, a butterfly. Butterfly is generally a metaphor for the world around us in terms of politics, or at least that’s how I was told and thought of it. But now for the music its self.

To Pimp A Butterfly(2015) by Kendrick Lamar Essay Example

The music includes anything from general sampled beats to jazz styled background tunes and even in the track For Free? a short jazz solo. This could possibly be in the spirit of his concept album Good Kid M.A.A.D. City because it shares some of the same themes and ideas from that album including mentioning the M.A.A.D City line at least a couple times throughout the album. In tracks like King Kunta, i, u, These Walls(not to be confused with Dream Theater), and the epic 12 minute song Mortal Man, he seems to touch upon many of these topics like a boss(sorry had to do that) and gives his viewpoint in lyric form. Generally he would think that some things are in need of fixing at least and he even mentions topics like inequallity and racism I believe which I swear needs to be fixed or at least toned down. His lyrical flow also works almost all the time and he also has many other guest stars and even his producer into the mix as well. Mortal Man consists of mostly the conversation between Kendrick and his producer talking about what they think the world is like in their eyes and what they think is wrong but is often done in society anyways. That plus a very soft almost pianoissemo level possibly more quiet to at least make it not seem like a total drag. Bar none, my favorite track here is King Kunta. I Don’t know why it’s probably just catchy. My least favorite comes right before it I believe being For Free? though it’s probably due to the lyrics themselves.

I gotta say, everyone seems to like this album upon maybe a couple listens. It took me a little while(clearly, because I’m very late)but I’d have to agree with them here. I give this an 8.9/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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