To prepare the drying rate curve for fluidized bed dryer. To study the characteristics of spray dryer. To study the characteristics of drum and Tunnel dryer. Studies on solid-liquid extraction column. To find out the crystal yields with and without seeds. To draw the tie lines and plot equilibrium curve for given ternary system. Liquid- Liquid extraction in a packed column for co-current and counter current flow of binary systems.

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Note: Each student should perform at least eight experiments from the above list. CM- 604 – Chemical Process Control Unit I Construction and characteristics of final control elements such as Proportional, Integral, PD, PID controllers, pneumatic control valve, principles and construction of pneumatic and electronic controllers. Unit II Process instrumentation diagrams and symbols, process instrumentation for process equipments such as Distillation column Absorption column, Heat Exchanger, Reactors, Evaporators, fluid storage vessels.

Unit Ill Laplace Transform, Linear open loop system, first order system and their transient response. Dynamic response of a pure capacitive process, Transportation lag, Dynamic response of a first order lag system. Unit IV Second order system and their transient response. Interacting and non- nteracting system. Linear closed loop system, block diagram of closed loop transfer function, controllers, transient response of closed loop system. Unit V Stability concept, Routh stability criterion, relative stability, Hurwitz stability criterion, Nyquist’s stability criterion.

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