To the Sea by Jack Johnson

10 October 2019

Jack Johnson has recently released a new album that came out late last year. He has based the music on a sea like atmosphere with many of the songs having to do with the ocean. To the Sea is his newest creation with having 13 peaceful listening songs that have calming and upbeat rhythms. I thought that all the songs had a unique beat and were all different in style. Johnson and his band go from fast beats to slow, relaxing beats throughout his songs. He masters having a different variety of rhythms and voice changing. He and his band are using many different instruments from harmonicas to ukuleles.
If you listen to this creative CD, you are likely to notice that Jack’s idea is a father leading his son to the sea and the water is like the subconscious mind. Jack Johnson has such a powerful voice that made me want to sing along with the fast and energetic beats. The peaceful songs made me want to relax and really listen to what he was saying and try to understand what meaning there was behind the song. There were a lot of mixed emotions and feelings throughout all of his songs. This CD is dedicated to his father who had passed away. I think a lot of Jack’s songs are based around his father and how he feels about him.

You can listen to a lot of these songs and notice that there is relationship between him singing about his dad. I would defiantly recommend this album and artist to anyone who wants to hear a variety of peaceful and soothing songs that have a little` upbeat side to them.

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