Token Vs Ethernet Essay Research Paper Well

9 September 2017

Token Vs Ethernet Essay, Research Paper

Well, now I feel baffled about this whole state of affairs. I started taking categories portion clip at BU about five old ages ago. I took two networking categories, Network hardware and Network direction. I didn? T transportation my credits to um because the engineering had changed so fast, and I wanted to larn the newest engineering. Now here is where the confusion sets in, at the clip they still had some nominal ring material but the large push was Ethernet. My teacher at the clip owned a computing machine store and did tonss of confer withing for concerns in Portland. He swore up and down about how old manner item ring had become.

So know we have the Ethernet and everybody can speak at one time and, it so much cheaper. You can acquire in 10Mbps or 100Mbps V. Token rings 4Mbps or 16Mbps.

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Token Vs Ethernet Essay Research Paper Well
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So, so I come to school here and take an Into to LAN category. The teacher merely so happened to work at Hussey Seating in the IS section. He starts touting about the new engineering called FDDI. He

besides talked extremely about Ethernet and severely about Token Ring. Now I? m taking your category and you seem to tilt more toward nominal ring, or mabey that? s merely the feeling I get.

My sentiment on this whole state of affairs is that a company should research all of the possibilities and pick the 1 that best suites their demands. They should be carefull non to purchase the newest engineering merely because it is the newest, it may stop up non being every bit good as an older one. From what I have heard it seems that Ethernet is easier to work with, is good in bursty traffic and is cheaper. Then on the other manus Token ring maintains it through put even in high traffic when Ethernet? s throughput is greatly reduced in high traffic.

If a company already has an bing web, so I would urge that any new webs be the same protocol because the velocity seems to dramatically drop when two engineerings are bridged. It takes a batch to interpret from one protocol to another. Besides bridging devices can be dearly-won.

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