Tony Kushner’s Angels in America

4 April 2015
This paper is an analysis of the different themes discussed in Tony Kushner’s, award-winning play, `Angels in America.`

The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss and compare the play `Angels in America,` by Tony Kushner. Specifically the paper discusses who are the angels, how do they affect the play and what do they symbolize? The different characters and their roles are detailed, as are the different events that shape their lives. The author also explores Kushner’s use of magic and how it is threaded throughout the play.
Later, in the second play, one of the characters equates angels to powerful bureaucrats, they have no imagination, they can do anything but they can’t invent, create, they’re sort of fabulous and dull all at once (Kushner). Thus, the angels can stand for anything and everything that is happening to America. Consistently, the characters say how hard it is to live in America. They are referring to how difficult it is to fit into society when you are different – a Mormon, gay, black, or sick. Angels in America are the ones who know how hard it is to live here, and do it day after day.

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