Are too Many Kids Going to College? In this debate there is the topic ot whether or not too many kids are going to college. There are two speakers on each side each with different approaches to the subject. There are both very strong arguments as well as weak ones on both sides. The first speakers defend that too many kids are In fact going to college. The first speaker states that not going to college does not mean automatic failure. Success and prosperity are still definite possibilities. He uses examples such as Steve Jobs and the creators of Facebook to back up his point.

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He states that the price of college has gone p tremendously while the value of education has barely risen. College is leaving people in debt bigger than credit card debt. Also he points out that there are 17 million people with college degrees in the united States that are not putting them to use in the labor force. The second speaker goes onto say that yes, education is needed after high school but a bachelor’s degree should not define a person. So many employers have a stereotype that if one has a bachelor’s degree he/she will work better than one without a bachelor’s degree. He completely disagrees with this and is unhappy with it.

He states that bachelor degrees have no significant meaning. They are not hard to obtain and take very little effort in the class room. His belief is that there needs to be a “transformation” in that people are given the chance to tell their employers what they can do, not how long they have been in college. On the other side of the debate the first speaker begins to counter the statement that people such as Steve Jobs did not need college to become successful. He states that not everyone Is Ilke Steve Jobs and not everyone can be an Innovator and make It big without the help of college.

He argues with more educated people In America there is less crime and other negative things In society. Then he ends

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with education needs to be better throughout grades K through 12. The last speaker is one who has immigrated from another country to the U. S. therefore his take on the debate is rather interesting. He argues that education in America is the best in the world. People save their whole lives to come to school in America. School in America is where people learn social skills, how to deal with failures and other necessities in life. There is a need for basic education in the work force and college gives that to tudents.

He says that the reason why America is “on top” and such a fierce competitor in the world is because everyone is educated. That is what makes American education so distinct and good. He then takes the argument that college is leaving so many students in debt and says that college does not have to be expensive. Things like community college and financial aid make it so people can afford it. Both sides have good arguments and bad. In my opinion I believe that everyone does not need college. Basic education can be learned through other ways. Not every Job needs a college educauon In order for people to be good at It and have he skills.

My favorite point In the debate Is when the question was asked “What Is wrong with the American dream? ‘ The American dream was about becoming prosperous in whatever way you did. A college degree was not required nor was spending thousands of dollars on education. I completely agree with this. It’s true tnat IT nowadays IT one does not go to college tney are looKea at In a OITTerent llgnt when years ago it was a norm. It is sad to think that the American Dream has changed into this. Yes college helps further people in their careers but I strongly believe that college is not a necessity.

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