Too Much Technology

7 July 2016

What are the some of the arguments for and against the use of digital media? Technology has both positive and negative sides. Positive opinion about technology as we are able to find many sources of information quickly and easily as well as saving production cost. Technology that is negative opinion can influence our behavior, destroy our way of thinking, and the more severe impact of computer technology is also able to give rise to a number of diseases. 2. How might the brain affected by constant digital media usage?

Digital media would greatly help us in the world as well as other technologies. However, if used continuously can cause health problems. Vision problems continued to decline also occur when using the computer for too long. Besides, the new studies suggest that digital technologies are damaging our ability to think clearly and focus. 3. Do you think these arguments outweigh the positives of digital media usage? Why or why not? As for me, I think the above is indeed the negative side of technology.

Too Much Technology Essay Example

However, in the world of technology such as current location, we will have to use the technology so that we can continue to survive and not lose against our competitors. 4. What additional concerns are there for children using digital media? Should children under 8 use computers and cellphones? Why or why not? I think children under eight years old can use digital media, such as a computer or cellular phone. So they are able to advance digital media, and we hope that when they grow up, they are not stiff again using digital media. Of course parents should control their children by using it overtime.

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