Tool – Aenima

1 January 2020

Tool recently released their new album, “Aenima.” Their eerie, haunting sound causes you to get lost in a dark and questioning world that pours through your stereo speakers. Their lyrics are very spooky. They ring in your head, like a plague of words that spreads throughout, impacting your thoughts and feelings. The album contains 15 tracks of instrumentals and guitar parts that drill and overpower the singer’s voice. His singing is tortured and drowned out by the music. He sings as if crying from inside a vacuum, as the music flows like a cloudy sheet, smothering his words of pain, caution, and questioning. The album contains great songs like “Stinkfist,” which has a powerful and driving force. Another great song is “H,” which presents many emotions and moods that rise to the surface. The other 13 tracks are also amazing. If you enjoy music with out-of-the-ordinary sounds, then you will definitely find this album enjoyable. Many songs make you feel like you’re falling into a deep pit, and others make your blood boil with force and energy. Either way, you will find yourself lost in the strange sounds of Tool. This album will take you into another world and allow you to feel the power and messages that live within their music

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