Tool of my Trade

5 May 2019

It’s a tool that listens when no one else will, mends pain, and does whatever we desire it to. There was something about it that lured me. At first, I would pick it up and play and practice. It started out as nothing more than a hobby; however, every time I played my feelings changed—they manifested.
A few years later naturally I began using it to describe myself. I am a guitarist.
In my free time I look for new music for opportunity. Every now and again I come across a song far beyond my ability. This is impossible, there’s no way I can play this. But I learned—nothing is impossible. Sweep picks. Arpeggios. Pinch harmonics. I will never become satisfied, no matter my talent. There is always something to improve on and always something to learn.

I bought my new guitar, a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR. It cost $900 and all of it I earned myself. All summer I worked six hour days to obtain it. The work was treacherous, but in the end I forgot about it. Once I had the guitar in my hands none of it mattered.
I began learning a new solo. I set a new goal and began my work. Repetition. Each time I played the solo, it got better. I started slowly, and then kicked up the tempo. Finally, that day came. I played it flawlessly. The notes squealed out of the guitar simultaneously with the song in harmony. One minute later, my dad opened the door and walked in. He smiled briefly and said, “You’re getting a little loud.”

Tool of my Trade Essay Example

But that didn’t matter. I found who I am; who I want to be, and who I can be. Passion drives me to extraordinary things.

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