Tooth And Nail Book Report Essay Research

8 August 2017

Tooth And Nail Book Report Essay, Research Paper

Tooth And Nail Book Report

Written By Charles Elster and Joseph Elliot

10 Facts About the book

1. The chief character is a immature adult females named, Caitlin Ciccone, who is a typical American, girl following door type of

small dada? ? s miss. She departs for college as she enters the new universe of life.

2.Caitlin is a really smart miss. She is the sort of pupil that every instructor would wish to hold 20 in one category. She

gets straight A? ? s, high SAT mark, editor of the school newspaper, 2nd in her category, and more.

3.Caitlin is traveling to a really prestigous college on a scholarship which is located in the Middle East. The school name

happens to be Holyfield College in the Middle East in Minnesota, place of the baseball squad? ? Twins. ? ?

4. Caitlin? ? s foremost encounter with another pupil is besides her cab driver from the airdrome, Annie. They talk and become

friends subsequently on as Annie explains her expierence at Holyfield since she is a junior.

5. The college is full of 1900 people and how couldn? ? T you bump into person else? I guess it would be difficult.

Caitlin bumps into Phil McKnight who she rapidly becomes friends with. Prac

tically, best friends a small subsequently.

6. This book is fiction and a enigma novel so how could you non hold some supicious characters? Leo is the

despised and one conjecture the? ? scoundrel? ? in this novel.

7. The 3rd chief character is Carmen Torre. ( Caitlin, Phil, Torre ) She is called Torre even though her name is

Carmen and she is the rich one out of the three. She doesnt unrecorded in a residence hall, but in a 3 sleeping room bungalow that is four blocks from

the campus.

8. Caitlin gets attending from many people due to being the star newsman of the school newspaper, the? ? Holyfield

Herald. ? ? This is the ground the enigma starts since she inquire excessively many nosey inquiries.

9. Most of the book is like a? ? Sherlock Holmes? ? refashion due to the particular and vivid inside informations of grounds. Besides,

because a batch of the book negotiations about the grounds they find and how they find them. When they do happen anything they say

some catchy and wierd words like? ? Constantan! , Bingo! , & # 8230 ; .. ? ?

10. During this whole book a batch of the characters are pessimistic, while a twosome can maintain cool during some chilling

state of affairss such as being locked in a room. Peoples like Billy and Phil are really optimistic which hold the group together.

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