Tootsie Roll

10 October 2016

My hypothesis was that it will take 30-45 chews to eat a tootsie roll/frootie. My hypothesis was somewhat supported by my data that I have from lab experiment. Independent Variable: The independent variable is the type/flavor of the tootsie roll/frootie which we are eating in our lab experiment, because they represent the inputs or causes, or are tested to see if they are the cause. Dependent Variable: The dependent variable is how many chews it takes to eat a tootsie roll/frootie because it represents the output or effect, or is tested to see if it is the effect. Constant:

We did not use any safety equipment in this lab, but you could’ve used safety goggles, gloves, and possibly an apron. Procedure: The first step to do this lab you need to get all of the supplies, which are listed under “Materials Used”. Then you need to make a hypothesis about anything that has to do with the main question, that which we gave you. Then you need to make a data table that includes all of the types of tootsie rolls/frooties, and how many chews it took to chew each one (you can see mine under “Data Table”). After this you need to pick one person to eat ALL of the tootsie rolls/ frooties.

This person, that you chose to chew you tootsie rolls/frooties, will unwrap one and put it in their mouth and start chewing. The person chewing will count how many times they chew the tootsie roll/frootie that they have in their mouth. The person you picked will then repeat everything to each of the eight of the tootsie rolls/frooties, and after each one you need to record how many chews it took to eat it. Data Table: Questions: #1. How could you make you results more accurate? I can make my results more accurate by making sure the person chewing is chewing on the same side of the mouth.

Another thing you can do is have everybody count how many times the person chews and how fast each time and the pace you eat the tootsie roll/frootie. #2. How well did you group work together? (explain) Our group worked really well together. We picked one person to chew the tootsie rolls/frooties with no complaining from anybody else, and we all agreed on the same person. #3. What would you do differently next time? The only thing I would change would be that there would tootsie rolls/frooties for everybody so that everybody didn’t have to watch one person eat all of them.

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