Tori Amos – Strange Little Girls

9 September 2019

ToriAmos is known for writing songs about everything from religion to rape, but shedecided to do something different for her sixth album, “Strange LittleGirls.” On it, Tori covers 12 songs written by men – mostly for or aboutwomen – in which she sings from the perspective of the women. She has taken songsby Depeche Mode, Neil Young, The Beatles and even Eminem and turned them intoher own. For each, Amos has imagined a different woman. At times she’s acharacter straight from the lyrics, at other times, she may be entirely a Toricreation.

For each song, on the liner notes, there is a coinciding imageof Amos dressed as the song’s character. She also worked with Neil Gaiman toinvent a group of short stories about each character. For example, the cover ofEminem’s “? Bonnie & Clyde” is told from the point of view of themother who is about to be dumped off a bridge by her own husband anddaughter.

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For Tori Amos fans, “Strange Little Girls” is achange, but I think it features the same old Tori. She still gives her inspiringbeam of womanhood and individuality. Her voice still captivates and amazes thosewho listen to her.

If you don’t already own “Strange LittleGirls” because you’re leery about what it will be like, I suggest you getit. Tori Amos doesn’t disappoint.

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