Totally Hits 2001

9 September 2019

Doyou enjoy the beats of P. Diddy? The soft sounds of LFO? If either catches yourattention, you should be interested in “Totally Hits 2001.”

Themix of sounds and performers on this album will definitely include something youlike. What’s even better is that the songs are very current, which you don’toften see on a mix.

“Totally Hits 2001” is produced by Aristaand includes tracks from Sugar Ray, Craig David and Dido. As you can see, thereare very popular singers and rappers on this CD.

The artists featured onthis album can please anyone, and with 18 tracks, no one style of music outweighsanother.

You should definitely get a copy of Totally Hits 2001. It has allthe hits on one CD and is definitely worth the money.

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