Tough Guise

4 April 2015
A response to the documentary “Tough Guise” by J. Katz on hegemonic masculinity.

The paper reviews the documentary, “Tough Guise” by J. Katz on the crisis of America’s notion of masculinity. The paper discusses Katz’s point that television and movie audience members are not passive recipients to the text and visuals, but instead incorporate what they see and hear into their own lives and social situations in many different ways. It shows how the effects of media and television manifest themselves in a multitude of anti-social behaviors, including the rise of hegemonic masculinity and violence in young and teenage boys.
“As an agent of socialization in today’s society, movies play a very large role in sculpting the thoughts, opinions, and actions of children and young adults. Most movies portray men as strong, dominant, intimidating, independent, respected and in control. By doing this, we as a society are reinforcing in boys that violence is conceived to be a normal part of being men and is admired.”

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