Tourism Impact on Mediterranean Sea Environment

4 April 2015
The paper explores how the ever-increasing tourism to the Mediterranean Sea area is affecting its natural environment.

The paper shows that 220 million people pay a visit every year to the Mediterranean coastline and this is taking its toll on the environment of the area by contributing waste, marine pollution from domestic sewage, water shortages, and land degradation. The paper explores the different steps being taken to rectify the problem, such as UNEP’s Mediterranean Action Plan.
Hotels, resorts, restaurants and other public facilities also may intoxicate the water and the living organisms by discharging untreated sewage to the sea. According to European Environment Agency, about 60% of urban waste disposed in the Mediterranean Sea is still untreated. This toxic waste not only contaminates the water and deteriorates the organisms’ habitat but also dropping the water quality that perhaps would be unsafe to swim or surf in, in the future if no such adequate actions are taken.
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